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Will DC follow Marvel? “The audience left the room in Aquaman 2”

It’s not just Marvel stumbling on the future of superhero movies. DC Studios is also reportedly struggling with what is already being called the “worst DCEU movie ever.”

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania should have turned the tide. After a messy and especially disappointing phase 4 fans were hoping for a fresh start for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Focus. A major new villain as Thanos’ successor, a goal to work towards, with the Avengers movie slated for 2025 as End of the game-equivalent.

Will DC go after Quantumania?

Unfortunately, it was the dream start of phase 5 not the miracle the fans expected. Otherwise: Quantum it is the lowest-rated film in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An absolute low on Rotten Tomatoes. After a top first weekend in theaters, the box office to make a plunge. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is already talking about a major change of course at the behest of Disney CEO Bob Iger.

James Gunn is across the street in DC, already busy with a major turnaround. He recently revealed his plans for a new connected DC Universe on the big screen and on streaming services. Small problem: that new future is still waiting for a while, and in the meantime there are still old regime movies in the works. As CEO, Gunn will also have to live with projects that he himself would have approached completely differently.

aquaman and the lost kingdom

But yeah, a movie like aquaman 2 don’t just delete it. However, that’s certainly an option that Gunn and co. I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks. Not only Quantumbut also the last great achievement of DC Studios seems to be a failed movie.

The original aquaman was a huge success in 2018 and a welcome contrast to failure League of Justice from the previous year. In fact, aquaman remains the biggest DC movie of all time, with a box office of $1.1 billion. Coming later this year aquaman and the lost kingdom outside. finally one continuation, after five years of waiting. DC, of ​​course, is hoping for another mega-hit, lucrative sweetener until Gunn’s plans come to fruition.

Disastrous test projections

Profitable or not, it seems that lost kingdom as Quantum It will be a major setback. Several sources claim that aquaman and the lost kingdom he did absurdly wrong during test projections. Studios often show upcoming films to a small audience, for example, to gather feedback on possible changes. resume. So movies can still be adapted, sometimes with completely different endings as a result. The customer is king.

Premise: we are talking about this leakers, anonymous sources with exciting names on Twitter. So take this news with a grain of salt. But the respectable filter ViewerAnon shared the following about the past week aquaman 2: “I’ll be honest, we’re half a dozen more test screenings away and it’s not looking good. I’ve heard constantly over the past six months that the movie is boring, not as good as the first, and possibly one of the worst DCEU movies ever.” Oh!

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the audience left

“This is one of the rotten things of a avocet be: I don’t want to criticize the movies, but at some point, if people know that there are a lot of test projections been, our silence becomes significant. i like wan [de regisseur]I know he’s had a hard time with this movie, I hope it works out.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop at one avocet. Multiple reputable sources confirm the news. In fact, the trial audience reportedly even left the venue. CanWeGetSomeToast tweeted: “People left. I’ve heard similar bad things about #AquamanAndTheLostKingdom, which is a shame because I read the script over a year ago and it was actually pretty good.”

Big Screen Leaks reported: “There’s a reason I ask all about it. aquaman and the lost kingdom I’ve avoided it, but now that @ViewerAnon has brought it to light, I’m not happy to stand by what he says and tell you that the test screenings for this film weren’t good. I really hope Wan manages to fix this movie before December.”

Rate Changes for December

Other filter even claims Jason Momoa for the status of aquaman 2 DC villain Lobo is set to star in James Gunn’s upcoming DC movies. In other words: that the movie is so bad that the actor says goodbye to Aquaman and gets a new role in the announced DC Universe. That’s still pure speculation for now, but one thing should be clear: the image doesn’t look very good.

Hopefully the signs of the test projections somewhat over the top and director James Wan may yet save the film before December. aquaman and the lost kingdom It is scheduled for December 25. re-recordings and new editions can completely transform a movie. On Both Sides. Let’s hope DC and Wan make the right decisions.

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Will DC follow Marvel? “The audience left the room in Aquaman 2”

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