World Population Day 2021: Quotes Images and Poster

World Population Day 2021

World Population Day 2021: Quotes Images and Poster. World Population Day is celebrated on the 11th of July every year in order to raise awareness about overpopulation and global population issues. The day was suggested by Dr. K.C.Zachariah when the population reached Five Billion on July 11, 1987.

Overpopulation quotes

World overpopulation day images
World overpopulation day images

Causes of overpopulation

1) Advancement in technology: Due to advancement in technology now the life expectancy rate has been increased. This further causes overpopulation.

2) Decrease in infant mortality rate: In earlier times vaccines were not available. After the vaccines were there, there was not much awareness about them so the infant mortality rate was high. But now vaccinations are given to the children which decreased the infant mortality rate, thus increasing the population.

3) Illiteracy: It is one of the main cause of overpopulation. In many areas people have about 7-8 children or even more because they do not have knowledge about reproduction, overpopulation and such things.

4) Poverty: Lack of education and poverty cause overpopulation as women don’t have knowledge about their reproductive health. Some people also think that the more the children, the more the helping and earning hands for the family.

population day drawing ideas
population day drawing ideas

Problems caused due to overpopulation

1) Depletion of natural resources: The resources are limited while the numbers of people are increasing which is a serious problem.

2) Deforestation: As the number of people increases, people cut down trees in order to make homes, industries, factories, etc.

3) Loss of habitat of the animals: Due to deforestation many animals lose their natural habitat.

4) Extinct of species: Many species are getting extinct as they lose their natural habitat. Some species also get extinct due to hunting, global warming, etc.

5) Global warming and Climate change: Due to overpopulation, there is climate change and global warming. This will cause adverse effect in the future.

6) Economy: There are very few job opportunities but the population is more. This impacts the economy. Many graduates have to sit unemployed as they do not get the jobs.

World overpopulation day
World overpopulation day

Overpopulation Solutions

1) Women Empowerment: Studies shows that a woman with proper knowledge of reproductive health is more likely to break through poverty and use birth control.

2) Promote Family Planning: In some areas there is lack of knowledge about family planning and birth control. So we should promote family planning and educate them about reproductive health.

3) Government Incentives: Government has already introduced many family planning schemes. People should be made aware about that and government should also promote people to be a part of those schemes.

4) Adoption: Awareness should be raised regarding adoption. There are many needy children who don’t have anyone to take care of them. So people should try and adopt such children.

5) Minimum age of Marriage: A minimum age of marriage should be set in all the countries.

6) Gender Equality: It is a bitter truth that even in these times when there are so many advancement and people talk a lot about gender equality, there are still many people out there who prefer a boy child over a girl child. This desire to have a boy child is also a main reason of overpopulation.



Overpopulation images

World overpopulation day slogan
World overpopulation day slogan

Overpopulation posters

population day drawings
population day drawings

Overpopulation drawings

overpopulation drawings
overpopulation drawings

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