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“Most people haven’t realized it yet”

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Energy Crisis: Loss of Prosperity in Numbers: In Rosenheim, on October 1, the price of gas will rise to 16.31 cents, twice as high as at the beginning of the year.

Loss of prosperity in numbers: In Rosenheim, the price of gas will rise to 16.31 cents on October 1, twice as high as at the beginning of the year.

(Photo: Jan Schmidbauer/Collage SZ)

The Germans are going through times when energy will be scarce. Stadtwerke knows that electricity and gas can become much more expensive. But do people understand this? It’s time to read the mood in the client center.


Jan Schmidbauer, Rosenheim

Many confidences have already collapsed in this crisis: gas from Russia is always flowing. That the end of the year is really the end of nuclear energy in Germany. And that you won’t think of Robert Habek in your shower. The only thing that can be said for sure is that at some point the problems will end up in places like this, on the wooden table in Rosenheim.

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