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From the ‘ugliest sister’ to the world’s biggest model: Bella Hadid is the face of 2022 | Show

Dutch mid-top model Bella Hadid (26) will undoubtedly have to pinch herself at the last minute of 2022. In just two weeks, she has won four prestigious awards, even after hundreds of insiders voted her the year’s greatest model. She’s officially nothing left of sister Gigi’s shadow.

“I was the ugliest sister. She wasn’t as cool as Gigi, she wasn’t as easy going,” Bella Hadid summed up last spring. Fashion what opinions she often hears about herself. “Unfortunately, when people tell you certain things very often, you really start to believe them.”

The statements add additional meaning to the most important year of Bella’s career. Being the main character in fashion time 2022 by appearing topless on the runway and spraying your dress with live paint would be special for everyone. Especially if you always thought you didn’t fit in the industry.

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“I often wonder: I have incredible insecurities, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, eating issues, I hate being touched, I’m so scared in social situations… what was I thinking when I entered this profession?” Bella confessed . .

She felt the piercing eyes of people who think she’s taking advantage of Gigi’s success, or who say her model appearance is the result of “cosmetic witchcraft,” like Fashion mentioned. But she dealt with it.

Over the years I have become a good actress. I put on a happy face, or a strong face. I always felt like I had something to prove. People can say anything about how I look, how I talk, how I act. But in seven years I’ve never missed or canceled an assignment and I’ve never been late. No one can say I don’t work hard.”

She did the same this year, with campaigns for countless well-known brands and cover shoots for the biggest magazines. She began in February with her sister Gigi in a campaign for the Italian brand Versace, which made headlines because the two posed nude with only a bag between their legs. But those snippets in the media cut her performance short.

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Bella defined the 2022 fashion year with only the best work, was highly sought after and could be seen everywhere, the more than 400 people featured on the industry site judged. Models.com surveyed annually for the Model of the Year contest. Readers of the same site also gave her the audience’s award, after she too was named Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards earlier this month. That last honor was Gigi’s turn in the past, as was the audience award. But Bella stands out.

won for the second time in a row Models.com the audience award for ‘social engine‘, in other words, for the model that has used its platform the most to make the world a better place. After all, Bella, the daughter of former Dutch model Yolanda van den Herik and Palestinian real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid, didn’t just share photos with her 56.7 million Instagram followers this year. She also returned to being an activist, for example, around the rights of women, the Palestinian people and Islamic culture.

Gigi was also nominated for Model of the Year this year, but didn’t win. It’s no match for the sisters, but she shows it: the insecure woman she became a model against her will and thanks to and also heard so many nasty opinions that she began to believe them, is no longer ‘the sister of’ . In her reaction to the award, Bella could only say one thing: “she humbles me.”

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