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Is this ‘Black Mirror’ star taking a closer look at conditions on the internet now?

a new season of black mirror has finally arrived on Netflix and no episode of season 6 is as blatantly meta as the first episode. Juana is horrible.


The episode not only parodies the streaming service that the show itself can be seen on, but also speaks to us as an audience a bit about how much we watch series for the wrong reasons.

Despite the heavier nuances, most of the episode, in which Schitt’s CoveAnnie Murphy stars as a woman whose life unsuspectingly becomes the subject of a prestigious new broadcast show – one of the lightest and funniest stories in the franchise.

I want to join!

In an interview for the premiere of Juana is horrible Annie Murphy revealed how she got the part.

“I got a call from my agent saying I had an offer for an episode of Black Mirror and not knowing who the character was, what the story was about, who was in it, nothing, I just said:

‘Yeah! I don’t care what it is, I want to be in it,’ because I’ve been a huge fan of the show for a long time,” says Murphy.

“When I read the script and found out what my character was and the fact that Salma Hayek would be in the episode, the same character actually, I felt like I was in my own episode of Black Mirror.

It was just one mental shit after another. I loved the script so much! Even after finishing filming, I still read it many times.

I’ve watched the episode about four times and I’m still a little broken, so it’s been great.”

Salma Hayek

When it came to working with Hayek, Murphy had nothing but good things to say.

“It was really amazing. I had certain ideas about who Salma Hayek was before we started, and it really exceeded any expectations I had.” says Murphy excitedly.

“She’s so funny and so willing to make fun of herself and be ridiculous and crazy and try.

I haven’t worked with many big celebrities, but I think that’s pretty rare in Hollywood, and people are a little more hesitant to embrace themselves and make fun of themselves.

So I really found a friend in Salma, and we had a lot of fun working together.”

Navigate carefully

Given the plot of the episode, he also wondered if the filming of Juana is horrible Murphy has been more careful in reviewing the terms of use

The actress admitted that she should probably be a little more suspicious about accepting something on the internet without checking it out first.

“Listen, these days, every time I visit a web page, I’m asked to accept all cookies, no matter what. I still don’t know what cookies are, but I still have to go to the website.” Murphy laughs.

So I didn’t really learn the lesson that I should have learned after this episode. I’m still like, ‘Yeah, take it. I just have to finish this!'” aldus murphy.

The sixth season of Black Mirror, with five new episodes, is now available to stream Netflix.

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