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Director: calming | Screenplay: Stephen Glover and Jamal Olori Cast: Jacob Latimore (Kevin), Tosin Cole (Damon), Andrew Santino (Peter), Allen Maldonado (Kyle), LeBron James (zichzelf), ea | Time to play: 101 minutes | Year: 2023

appeared in 1990 party in the House, the first part of what would be a long series of film comedies. The movie told about two friends, played by actors and singers from the hip-hop duo Kid ‘n Play, who turned up the parental home of one of them by throwing a gigantic house party, which of course was mostly about popularity and most of all. handsome. The girl comedy originated from a student film by director Reginald Hudlin.

Two more sequels starring the same actors appeared in the 1990s. This was followed by two separate parts that were immediately sentenced to DVD and will have overlooked many people. Apparently, basketball legend LeBron James, among others, thought the time was right for a fresh reset. The Tall Jock not only acted as a producer, but the story is also set almost entirely in his own (fictional) home.

That’s pretty much the only original premise of this new party in the Housepart of which, according to the creators, we should not consider a reboot under any circumstances. Kevin is a single father who aspires to a career as a music producer. His best friend Damon (whose name you pronounce in French as he constantly points out) is a self-proclaimed club promoter who does very little with his life. A ‘long live the fun’ kind of thing.

The two friends have part-time jobs as cleaners for wealthy Americans. When security cameras catch them smoking a joint and other misbehavior, their employer has had enough and they are fired. As they finish their latest cleanup job, Damon discovers that none other than LeBron owns the sprawling property. The friends have nothing to lose and kindly decide to come in by throwing a paid party at the basketball player’s spacious home.

party in the House anno 2023 was written by Stephen Glover and Jamal Olori, who are best known for the comedy-drama series atlanta. You have to be pretty well versed in hip-hop culture and its key players to get a real sense of what Glover is on the scene here. Contrary to what one might think, the writer does not so much expand the subculture as pay homage to the world that plays such an important role for many black Americans in particular.

The question is what remains of an essentially sympathetic film with its heart in the right place if all this context, as the undersigned frankly confesses, completely escapes you. A cursory acquaintance with hip-hop clips and its many clichés won’t get you very far, and it wouldn’t do the culture any good either. All you can do as a stranger is party in the House qualify it as a movie, regardless of all the subtext.

Seen this way, the filmmaker and video clip maker Calmatic (stage name of Charles Kid II) does drop the necessary points. He seems to be mainly concerned with throwing a party full of eccentricities, some aggressive and eccentric supporting characters and self-assured beautiful ladies. Conflicts are suddenly resolved before they even start, for example when Damon’s three arch-enemies threaten to disrupt the festivities. The fake koala that pops up from time to time is laughable, but in the wrong way.

The final low point is when Kevin and Damon take down the Illuminati in one of the few scenes that doesn’t take place in LeBron’s house. The hundred minutes of play time is curiously spaced, with a long middle act in which little more than a wild party happens. Bee party in the House friendship and group feeling are imposed on the very mediocre writing. However, the two very funny leads give so much to their house party that you have to be very bitter not to put a smile on your face.

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