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Director: Craig Boreham | Script: Craig Boreham | Cast: Josh Lavery (Casey), Daniel Gabriel (Tib), Annie Finsterer (Carol), Ian Roberts (Pietro), ea | Time to play: 95 minutes | Year: 2022

Young Australian cowboy Casey comes to Sydney with a specific goal in mind. But his first attempt fails and he for some reason doesn’t try again. He meets Tib, who gives him shelter, and both men like each other. Casey realizes that being with Tib will be his new plan, but that doesn’t work out the way he hoped either, and Casey doesn’t handle it very wisely.

Casey is the main character. You have to sympathize with Casey. Who is Casey? That’s a kid who walks into a private party in the first few minutes, puts his phone on the charger, steals a bottle of liquor, fills up on the snack table, is abrupt with a girl who is flirting with him (instead of just saying he’s gay) and runs off. Nice guy, that Casey. He goes well with that vacant look in his eyes and his expressionless face.

So what does the movie offer? In any case, lots of standard movie moments: two characters eyeing each other because they like each other (even though they’ve already had rough sex), Casey staring out the window, lots of nudity because that’s so rebellious and controversial. . The raw, raw real life.

Talking about sex: in Lonely naked roosters fly around the ears. Inappropriate and inappropriate. If Casey goes into someone’s bathroom, is it really necessary for the plot or atmosphere to see a dick shot of her urinating? When Casey opens an envelope of money in the bathroom, does he have to hold it up in front of his young lady so he’s in plain sight too? There is nothing wrong with nudity being something functional for art, but here the filmmaker simply abuses it.

The plot is not deep, not even logical. Casey’s problem is that, due to an incident, she feels that she doesn’t deserve the good things in life. She consciously seeks misery. According to the movie. He shows that Casey is looking for something good: Tib’s love. And he pities himself when he doesn’t get it. The intent of the script is not well developed.

Lonely it also portrays the stereotype of homosexual sex culture in which there is a chronic search for men and quick appointments. In the opening, we see Casey nod to a driver at a gas station, then go on a rampage in a bathroom stall in the next shot. That culture is undoubtedly real, but unfortunately writer-director Craig Boreham doesn’t include a single man with a different lifestyle. Doesn’t he think that people like that are ‘rebellious and crude’ enough and therefore boring?

Some stories are not very subtle and do not add anything more than the subject of the sale. Casey has issues with her parents, Tib has a nasty dad and a nice mom who are abroad gardening for a woman who says she has no contact with her child. It is clearly about dealing with parents who make their children feel inferior. But that statement remains.

Lonely it’s made for two target groups: people who like arthouse cinema, even if it’s clichéd, and people who like to watch nudity and sex in a wannabe intellectual jacket. Casey’s superficial journey isn’t deathly boring, though. Even if you don’t wish her anything, you’re not against her either. Most refreshingly, the story takes place in Sydney, but the city’s icons never enter the picture. This makes it an anonymous city that feels much lonelier.

Completion follows the most traveled path in movie history. Not only the action, but also the conclusion is very easy. It feels like they have to quickly weave together a binding ending. That’s as weak as all those dicks you’ve seen go by.

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