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What if Broadchurch was an Australian comedy? Deadloch answers that question.

Director: Ben Chessell, Beck Cole, Gracie Otto | Cast: Kate Box (Dulcie Collins), Madeleine Sami (Eddie Redcliffe), Alicia Gardiner (Cath York), Nina Oyama (Abby Matsuda), Hollie Austin (Skye O’Dwyer), Tom Ballard (Sven Alderman), Duncan Fellows (Ray McLintock) , Pamela Rabe (Margaret Carruthers), ea | Episodes: 8 | Time to play: 56-65 minutes | Year: 2023

the creators of dead end I thought that wide church it was a comedy, because it starred Olivia Colman. That certainly wasn’t true, but it gave them the idea of ​​putting a comedic spin on the detective genre. Detective series are usually tear-jerking, but dead end it is more likely to make the viewer cry with laughter. That viewer will have to stick with the first few episodes, because the humor can take some getting used to, but then they’re rewarded with a mystery full of exciting and fun plot twists.

In the fictional Tasmanian town of Deadloch, Kevin the sea lion is Detective Dulcie Collins’ biggest concern until suddenly a man’s body washes up on the beach. To solve this case, Dulcie gets help from Darwin detective Eddie Redcliffe, who literally doesn’t take anything seriously. When more bodies turn up, the women must work together to find out who the killer is before there are no men left in Deadloch.

dead end was created by Australian comedians Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan. Anyone familiar with Australian comedy knows that it is a pretty hard-hitting form of humour. That is certainly the case with dead end, but this series goes one step further with lots of nudity and an even bigger dose of swearing. The over-the-top humor won’t be for everyone, but it ensures that heavy scenes hit less hard.

Police series are known for the special dynamic between the detectives, but the first few episodes are hard to top because of Detective Redcliffe. She is so over the top at first that she deprives the series of all credibility. Once she becomes less opposed to Dulcie dead end much nicer to watch. Many characters initially appear as caricatures, but gradually the viewer will realize that they are not. This is due to the balance between comedy and drama, but also due to the strong cast.

dead end It is highly recommended for fans of police series, for its new vision of the genre. The fact that both detectives are women also ensures original stories. The curious of the genre, but series like wide church may be too loaded dead end give a chance. Given that lately many series have been canceled after their first season, it is important to report that the great mystery is being solved. The series makes it clear that there is more to tell about the funny characters of dead endbut maybe not in Deadloch…


dead end can be seen in first video.

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