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See Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date and Spoilers

See Season 2 Episode 8 is the last episode of the ongoing season. It’s been almost 2 years since the show’s first episode aired.

See is a science fiction drama television series created by Steven Knight for Apple TV+. It is set around the story of Baba Voss, the chief of the Alkenny Tribe, and his family.

See Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

See Episode 8 Season 2 is releasing on October 15, 2021, at 12 am ET on Apple TV+. The official title of this episode is ‘Rock-a-Bye‘ and it will be 52 minutes long.

Want to know what will happen in the Season 2 Finale of ‘See’?  Keep reading, we have put together every detail you need to know.

Jason Momoa as Baba Voss fighting in See Season 2
Image Credits: Apple TV+

See Season 2 Episode 8, Where to Watch?

Apple TV+ users can watch ‘See Season 2 Finale’ online by visiting the official site here.

Unable to access, location restricted, or want to watch it for free. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Watch ‘See Season 2 Episode 8’ Free on Amazon Prime Video (30-days free trial).

or you can stream ‘See Season 2 Finale’ on Paramount+ (7-days free trial).

See Season 2 Episode 8 Spoilers

In the upcoming episode, the conflict between the Payan Kingdom and the Trivantian Empire may begin. When the enormous Trivantian force comes, the Payan troops and Witchfinders may lose all hope of winning. The hidden tribes may appear to assist them in their hour of need. However, it will be for the Payans to fight alongside Baba.

Scene from See Season 2
Image Credits: Apple TV+

Meanwhile, Maghra will question Sibeth about the origin of her kid. She may assault her sister if her doubts come true. She’ll most likely inform Sibeth that the kid will be taken away from her after birth. Things will be stuck in a stalemate on the battlefield until the Payans can draw the Trivantians into a trap they’ve laid across a frozen lake. The next episode will include the climactic duel between Baba and Edo. Maghra will stay queen if the Payans win, but Baba will leave since he does not want to be a part of any more battles.

See Season 2, What happened Till Now?

In the previous episode ‘The Queen’s Speech’, Sibeth finds out that Tamacti Jun is alive. After accusing Sibeth of treason and murder, Tamacti tries to kill the queen. As Tamacti prepares to kill Sibeth, Paris informs him that Sibeth is expecting a child.

Sylvia Hoeks as Queen Kane in See Season 2
Image Credits: Apple TV+

The Payans decide to make their stand at the Greenhill Gap castle when Maghra ascends to the throne.Even though the Trivantians have only brought a portion of their complete force, they are still larger than the Payan army.

Maghra motivated her people after Tamacti persuaded her not to join the war. She reminds them that they are fighting for their loved ones. Paris joins Toad in recruiting allies for the war effort. Haniwa makes one last desperate attempt to stop the conflict by informing Wren of what has happened in Pennsa since they last saw each other, but she is too late.

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