The best horror movies of 2022 are…

Horror remains one of the most popular genres in cinema. FilmTotaal has listed the top three horror movies of 2022 for you today.

In the first place Bodies Bodies Bodies of ‘our’ Halina Reijn. It’s great to see a Dutch filmmaker achieve such success.

Her well-received horror satire with a message about Generation Z is undoubtedly the beginning of a rich directing career in Hollywood.

yes to ‘no’
No, the new horror print of Salt-director Jordan Peele- you already saw it in our movie of the year pick and you can’t miss it here. Quality horror with a deeper layer.

Say your slasher, say your Ghostface. Earlier this year, a new Scream finally appeared. A strong and honorable continuation of the work of the late director Wes Craven, who did the other four parts.

The latest movies on the list are: X and Barbarian. Two titles, with unique concepts and good actors, that impressed the public this year. This is how terror should be.

The 5 Best Horror Movies of 2022

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)

Director: Halina Rein | To emit: Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Pete Davidson and others

A group of wealthy young people gather at a remote mansion to party as a hurricane rages outside. They soon decide to play a game of ‘killer’, where someone is supposed to be the killer and the rest have to guess who it is. When a real death occurs, panic seizes them and the twenty-somethings have to fight for their lives.

No (2022)

leader: Jordan Peele | To emit: Daniel Palmer, Keke Palmer, Daniel Palmer, Michael Wincott, ea

Horse trainer OJ Haywood and his sister Em live on a remote ranch outside of Los Angeles. They experience various strange things and one day they see a flying saucer among the clouds. A creepy and chilling discovery, because the flying saucer turns out to be a bloodthirsty alien that swallows everything and everyone in its path.

Shout out (2022)

Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett | To emit: Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, each

After the youth of the seemingly peaceful town of Woodsboro is once again devastated by a masked serial killer, straggler Dewey Riley, now retired as sheriff, enlists the help of veterans Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers to stop the bloody stabbings. . Together they discover who is hiding behind the mask this time.

X (2022)

Director: your west | To emit: mia goth brittany snow jenna ortega ea

1979, Texas. A group of young people goes to a farm in a van to secretly record a porn movie. The owners, a reclusive elderly couple, make it clear soon after arrival that they take a special interest in their guests. When night falls and the couple catches the group in the act, this interest takes a violent turn.

Barbarian (2022)

Director: Zach Creger | To emit: Georgina Campbell, Justin Long, Bill Skarsgård, ea

When Tes arrives at her Airbnb in a run-down suburb, it turns out that she has to share it with Keith due to double booking. It turns out to be a rather strange bird. They soon realize that they are not the only residents. Together they investigate the seemingly endless hallways in the house’s basement, but they shouldn’t have done that.

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