This is what the deleted spin-off of ‘Doctor Sleep’ ‘Hallorann’ would have been about

after forty years the glow Stanley Kubrick’s is still considered one of the best horror movies in cinema history. The sequel Doctor Sleep hit theaters nearly five years ago.

Despite a very strong critical reception doctor sleep from director Mike Flanagan (gerald’s game, oculus) was unfortunately not a financial success, something it had in common with its predecessor.

Right around the film’s release, Flanagan revealed that a spin-off for the character of Dick Hallorann was in the works. It was ultimately scrapped due to its disappointing box office performance. doctor sleep. Now the director is revealing in detail about the plans.

dick halloran
In both the Shining book and the movie, Richard (Dick) Hollorann’s character works as a cook at the Overlook Hotel. Here he welcomes the Torrance family and meets young Danny Torrance. Following their encounter, Hallorann warns Danny about the dangerous sides of the hotel.

In Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, the character was played by Scatman Crothers, by Melvin Van Peebles in the 1997 miniseries, and in Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep, Carl Lumbly took over the role.

The spin-off of ‘Hallorann’
On the Script Apart podcast, Flanagan reveals the detailed plans he had for the ‘Hallorann’ spin-off, which would include links to another iconic Stephen King story.

“I had a great idea for a movie about Dick Hallorann, which I was really excited about, which is that he starts out as a young man in Derry and there would be a little overlap with IT.” Flanagan says. “Since little Richie Halloran in the young canon meets Pennywise.”

“Then it turns into something completely different, where he goes into the military and eventually tries to work for the New Orleans Police Department in a heavily segregated police department.” said the manager.

“Here he must face a kind of cousin of the True Knot. An assassin who specifically targets those with the Light, and there is a great battle.”

“In the end, he wins the battle, but he loses the war and he loses the people he cares about and he finally chooses a quieter life away from it all and takes a job preparing meals at a hotel in Colorado.”

unexpected twist
“It was going to be great” continues the manager. “I would start with Carl Lumbly as Dick Halloran tidying up the kitchen and getting ready for winter when the new caretaker and his family arrive.”

“They say, ‘You have to be ready to receive them and give them a tour.’ She then goes to room 217 and has a strange incident with the bathtub and in a flashback she relives all the things in her life.”

“Then at the end, we go back to Hallorann at the Overlook Hotel and they say the cleaners are here. He goes downstairs to meet them in the lobby and you think it’s the Torrance family, but it’s not.”

“It’s Delbert Grady and his twin daughters and his wife. Then you realize you’re seeing the beginning of that story.”

The plans for the spin-off promised a very interesting origin story. However, the movie never came to fruition in the end, and Flanagan says he could respect the studio’s choice, though of course he thought it was a shame.

“On Monday they were reviewing the box office performance, and on Tuesday the spin-off was dead.” so responds Flanagan.

“I understood why they couldn’t keep up with the box office that we did.” Flanagan added. “It made sense. It was heartbreaking, but it made sense. But yeah, that’s over.”

Flanagan is currently involved in a new live-action film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Both from Kurbick the glow Yeah doctor sleep they are now available to stream via HBO Max and Pathé Thuis.

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