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Director: Sarah Spillane| Script: Sarah Spillane, Rebecca Banner, Cathy Randall | Cast: Anna Paquin (Julie Watson), Cliff Curtis (Ben Bryant), Teagan Croft (Jessica Watson), Josh Lawson (Roger Watson), Todd Lasance (Craig Atherton), ea | Time to play: 109 minutes | Year: 2023

In 2009, despite strong protests, sixteen-year-old Jessica Watson wanted to sail solo around the world and break the record for the youngest person to do so. The movie that would irrevocably be made about this was a long time coming, but now she’s finally here. For those who do not listen to the call of the sea, it is sometimes difficult to explain how much you can miss that water, even the pain. But true spirit He knows how to convey that feeling to a great extent.

Australian Jessica grew up around water and announced as a child that she wanted to sail around the world one day. She planned to do this at a young age, leading to a heated argument over her safety. Well, why would you put a sixteen year old girl on such a dangerous journey? To the creators of true spirit the job of explaining it.

They do the best they can, recreating the atmosphere of life on the boat, full of enthusiasm and support from the community. And that tingling sensation you feel when you finally embark on your adventure. Accompanied by a good soundtrack and of course rich images of that beautiful ocean. This makes it more tangible to outsiders how important it was to Jessica to get away as soon as possible, and we sympathize with her happiness when she finally gets there.

Of course, it’s understandable that there are concerns about the safety of a 16-year-old alone in the open sea. Although at the same time it is incomprehensible that so little is fought for the safety of young people on the street or in relationships. So relax! When the authorities file a lawsuit to arrest her, Jessica and her family must do everything they can to make her dream come true.

Jessica’s family is as supportive of her plans as they are of her concerns. The human side of the story comes out very well in this true spirit. As a result, the portrait of this inspiring young woman becomes a true family film. It’s a bit tacky, full of clichéd lines about dancing in the rain or staring at the same star when you miss each other. But that’s to be expected from a movie about a teenager who wants to sail across the ocean in a pink boat.

true spirit he is shocked when it turns out that Jessica’s greatest challenges are not just storms and freighters blown off course, but also the loss of her family and feelings of loneliness. This gives the story more depth, right up to the intense emotional ending. true spirit It’s a true tearjerker for boating enthusiasts, and a must-watch for anyone wondering what it’s all about.

true spirit can be seen in Netflix.

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