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Director: Charles Gozali, Imron Ayikayu | Script: Gea Rexy, Asaf Space, Charles Gozali | Cast: Wine G. Bastian (Qodrat), Maudy Effrosina (Asha), Marsha Timothy (Yasmin), Keanu Azka (Asif Amri), Cecep Arif Rahman (Rochim)), ea | Time to play: 101 minutes | Year: 2022

Movies with a title that isn’t in English (or Dutch) can occasionally cause some problems when you’re trying to find them on streaming services. Do you use the original title or English? And if it is the original, it must be written without errors. Prime Video does it with qodrat even more colorful: if you search for the movie via the website, you’ll initially get results for something you haven’t searched for, if you search for the movie in the app, you won’t even have the option to see the search results for qodrat to see!

An exorcism with an unfortunate ending lands the exorcist Qodrat in prison. Once free, he travels to the Indonesian town where his mentor lives. Perfect timing, because the old man is sick and sinister things are happening in that small town. Especially in the family of a single mother and two children. All this is also familiar to Qodrat.

That sounds like a horror movie because qodrat it pretends to be, but this is genuine propaganda for Islam. Evil is actually other religions and atheism, and only by being or becoming a Muslim can you really fight it. If you really do it, you’ll be fine.

qodrat show that it is okay to doubt. But then things go wrong, and everything will be fine once you restore your faith. Mr. Qodrat is a stereotypical character himself, having a hard time going one hundred percent because of the superior power of him. He can’t be blamed for that either, because the last time he did an exorcism, it went pretty bad.

Although in reality you would confirm that a god exists through the concrete evidence of the existence of demons. But those are things you shouldn’t think too much about in a movie about possessed people. Also qodrat he asks a few questions while observing that he is better off ignoring.

Not only the main character is a cliché, many action scenes are filled with well-known over-the-top scum. Distorted voices, colored slime, floating; get your bingo card, it will fill up in five minutes. But underneath all the chewed-up details is a movie that’s actually not even that bad. The plot has some unoriginal but unexpected twists, it still stirs up some feelings by letting it all play out with a small fragile family and it’s all well produced. In fact, there’s a shot during the climax that requires recognition.

Merited by the abundance of clichés and religious clamor qodrat is not sufficient. Also, some moments of martial arts action are quite funny and appropriate. Lots of horror movies have been made in Indonesia and frankly this is one of the best ones, worth watching for horror fans. At least Filmtotal makes it easier to find the movie:

qodrat can really be seen in first video.

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