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6 Harry Potter series we want to see on HBO Max right now

Warner Bros. Discovery wants to do more with Harry Potter, an ambition made more relevant by the huge success of Hogwarts Legacy. It’s time for the magical franchise. game of Thrones to follow, and thanks to Reddit we already have some proposals for new Potter series.

Hogwarts Legacy it is a resounding success. The game flies like hotcakes over the (digital) counter. In fact, if sales continue like this, it could very well become the biggest video game of 2023. Harry Potter remains immensely popular, despite the controversy surrounding JK Rowling.

The Great Harry Potter Drought

Still, fans only get sporadic, sporadic new content. While the Disneys of this world eagerly milk similar franchises, Rowling is very selective about what is allowed to happen in her magical world. A stark contrast to Star Wars, for example: fans of that franchise are inundated with series, animated series, movies, games, books, and comics. An endless barrage of new stories. For better or worse.

New series for HBO Max?

Fortunately, there is hope. Also for Harry Potter fans. The new owner of Warner Bros. and the chief executive officer of HBO Max indicated late last year that they want to focus more on franchises like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. For the world of JRR Tolkien there have been new movies ever since. Announcedbut Harry Potter remains silent for now.

Six series we want to see

While we wait for more news, we already have six proposals for Harry Potter television series for HBO Max, seen in the still very active subreddit from movies and books. Warner Bros. Discovery Heads, Are You Reading?

Serial Voldemort

Voldemort is a downright iconic villain, but what do you really know about Harry Potter’s nemesis? Sure, the books give him his own backstory, but especially when it comes to movies, he spends almost no time on it. We are in the golden age of villains getting their own movies or series, so why not a TV series where we follow a young Tom? If need be, with the focus on how he got the Horcruxes that play such a big part in the later Potter books and movies.

New Harry Potter movie, spin-off of Voldemort
Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort (Image: Warner Bros.)

Nature documentaries with magic sauce

The focus of the Fantastic Beasts movies initially seemed to be that Newt Scamander went in search of magical creatures. Soon, however, the studio unfortunately took a safer route, repeating the Harry Potter formula. It’s time for a second chance, this time in serial form. For example, let the eccentric Luna Lovegood of movies and books present nature documentaries. Like the actual documentaries to the Planet Earthbut with fictional creatures from the world of JK Rowling.

Harry Potter HBO Max TV Series
???? (Image: Warner Bros. Discovery)

Police show, but with aurors

Star Wars fans can thanks to the animated series the bad batch follow your favorite elite soldiers. When it comes to Harry Potter, there is tremendous potential in the Aurors, an elite unit of specialist wizards from the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and the Ministry of Magic. Sort of like a police detective, but equipped with a magic wand and magic spells. They play a limited role in JK Rowling’s books, but we’re definitely looking at a long-running cop series a la Criminal minds for us, but with Aurors as the main characters that you follow as they solve dark cases.

Harry Potter HBO Max TV Series
Two aurors in the cinema. (Image: Warner Bros. Discovery)

Back to the beginning of Hogwarts

fans can thank you Hogwarts Legacy finally exploring the iconic school extensively. As far as we are concerned, HBO Max arrives with a series in which we go back even further in time to the beginnings of Hogwarts, as the school is called in Dutch. The books sometimes hint at major conflicts between the founders, especially when it comes to the role and ambitions of Slytherin. Conflicts that have an impact on the world that we have seen so many times in movies and books, but whose origin story we barely know.

Harry Potter HBO Max TV Series
Hogwarts founders (Image: Wizarding World)

the marauders

The Marauders are a group of four classmates: Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James Potter. That’s right, Harry’s father. They appear particularly in the third book, in which Potter makes use of the special map of Hogwarts created by the rebellious students. JK Rowling References Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to the wild adventures of the four friends, who enthusiastically flouted all the rules of Hogwarts. The perfect approach for a television series, in which you could also explore the rivalry between Snape and James Potter.

Harry Potter HBO Max TV Series
The Marauders in the movies (Image: Warner Bros. Discovery)

A television adaptation of the books.

Granted, this isn’t the most original idea, but there’s no getting around the fact that the Harry Potter movies, great as they are, have had to skip over much of the books. Otherwise, the story just wouldn’t have fit into eight movies. With all the speculation and constant questioning about a reboot of the movies, why not go straight for a longer serial adaptation of the original books? game of Thrones, but then Harry Potter. The chance to breathe more life into JK Rowling’s writing, without having to reassemble the original cast.

Harry Potter HBO Max TV Series
???? (Image: Shayna Douglas @ Unsplash)

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6 Harry Potter series we want to see on HBO Max right now

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