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HBO Max review – offer, prices, series and more

HBO Max ‘Quality TV’ has been available in every home since 2020.

​​HBO Max hasn’t been around very long, but with recent mega-hits The last of us in dragon house It’s almost impossible to imagine the Dutch VOD landscape without the streaming service. And that is also allowed, because HBO (finally) has a golden formula. Read all about their prices, offers and benefits below!

Founded in: 2020
Headquarters in: NY
Focus: High-quality American television and movies
Payment form: subscription
Price: €5.99 or €7.99 per month

The American pay channel HBO has already attracted attention abroad through successful series such as Brothers band in The sopranos to issue. As a champion of ‘quality TV’, they had been looking for a good way to make the move to VOD for some time, including testing HBO Now and HBO Go.

In 2020 HBO Max was launched, which has now successfully sold the HBO and Warner Bros. catalogs available inside and outside of North America. The upcoming merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery in 2023 will also add Discovery+ shows to the mix and even lead to a potential new name: Max (not to be confused with Dutch broadcasting company Max…).


HBO has long been synonymous with quality television, which on HBO Max is combined with famous blockbusters from the Warner Bros. film studio. In the HBO Max interface, this difference is also immediately indicated by clearly separating ‘movie’ and laughs’.

Due to Warner Bros.’ important role in movie history, many notable and diverse titles can also be found on HBO Max. In space jam 2 reproduce almost every corner of their cinematic universes, including the movies of Harry Potterthe shorts looney tunes and DC superheroes.

These different angles are clearly divided into different centers, which can be easily found via the menu bar. These centers are: HBO, Max Originals, Warner Bros., DC and Cartoon Network (which also functions as the children’s corner of the platform).

Five of the best-known titles on HBO Max are:
one. game of Thrones
2. The last of us
3. White House
Four. Euphoria
5. the white lotus


HBO Max services are available in Europe and America with more than 142 million users.

The service can be downloaded on virtually all popular Smart TVs and consoles. Furthermore, HBO Max also has its own app and the service is available through all internet browsers.

Pricing and subscriptions

The costs of the cheapest plan (Basic) €5.99 per month. To €7.99 the standard subscription (Standard) is available per month.

With Basic, the user can only use 1 screen at a time, there is a maximum of 5 downloaded titles and the image quality is in HD. With Standard, 3 screens can be used simultaneously, a maximum of 30 titles can be downloaded and the image quality is Full HD or 4K.

our advice

Meanwhile, HBO Max has become a serious player with a catalog to match. For cheap binoculars you can look long at HBO Max because of the wide range of well-known franchises and hit titles. The service knows how to captivate viewers around the world with user-friendly interfaces and quality content, which is far from boring.

If you want to stay informed about the latest series and enjoy the best movies and TV shows of the last century, HBO Max is the place for you!

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