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Corpo libero on Rai 2, second episode: plot previews, cast

Yeslate at 9:20 p.m. Rai 2 the second episode of free bodya series set in the world of artistic gymnastics. In background, a murder involving all Vis Invicta athletes, a team of which the protagonists are part. And as the story progresses, a murky world emerges, made of competition, rivalry and violence.

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free bodythe plot of the second episode

The third episode begins with the individual competition competition. The tension is very high and the gymnasts face each other. Besides, Martina Del Bianco (Alessia De Falco) focuses everything on the free body. Unfortunately at the time the exercise becomes more complexSomething happens and the possibility of obtaining the redemption he hoped for is inexorably receding.

In the meantime, however, We witness the triumph of Carla Castoldi (Giada Savi), who achieves excellent results, almost equaling Angelica Ladeci (Catinca Petrescu).the Romanian athlete with whom the rivalry is increasingly heated. Benedetta Palazzi (Eva Iurlaro) also performs an impeccable number and seems to be the new rising star, while Martina remains in the shadows. The successes of others create discontent within the group and nerves are quite tense.

In the evening, the coaches allow the athletes to go to the pub, but even a few hours of fun does not bring them adequate joy. Carla starts a fight after having a tough fight with Angélica. Nadia Lettieri (Federica Cuomo) intervenes to defend her, but shows a rather violent and disturbing attitude. Rachele (Antonia Truppo) arrives to calm her spirits and vents to Alex (Filippo Nigro) telling him that she is worried about the aggressiveness of the athletes.

and meanwhile martina he is increasingly absorbed by the negative vortex into which he has fallen. However, finds a shoulder in Pietro Ianni (Emanuele Maria Di Stefano) and discovers something unexpected about him.

“Free Body”, Giada Savi (Carla), Eva Iurlaro (Benedetta), Federica Cuomo (Nadia), Giada Pirozzi (Anna). (Indigo Movie)

Martina asks Rachele for help

In the fourth episode, the girls are arrested for the fight. That’s why they are forced to give up their day off to train hard in the gym. Although they are called to reflect on what happened, bad news takes over. Benedetta disappears and is found in the forest bloodied and in shock. and the dog of the Ianni family, owners of the hotel where the team is staying, appears dead.

Everything takes an even more negative turn when Martina breaks an oath she made with her classmates and tells Rachele everything. Around you, The coach would like to run to help, but he thinks better of it.. When she sees that Carla manages to make a perfect jump with the help of the other girls, she changes her mind. Therefore prefers to focus on career and expect them to do the same too.

Given the situation, Alex forces Benedetta to return order to prevent their physical and psychological conditions from damaging the group’s results. Martina takes her place, but she is not received in the best way. In fact, the companions take revenge for the betrayal they suffered. And he finds comfort in Pietro.

Alessia De Falco in “Free Body”. (Indigo Movie)

free bodyWhen healthy competition turns into blind rivalry

The first episode of free body He highlighted some aspects of the protagonists. In particular, the personality of the athletes and the related shadows that surround them. They left everything for artistic gymnastics and built their own world. The group is a community, an autonomous society in which there are those who rule (Carla) and those who follow orders. You are not allowed to deviate or have your own thoughts.

Over time, The dynamics within the team have taken on different and darker contours, and the healthy spirit of competition has transformed into a heated rivalry.. Furthermore, the race for classification becomes a reason for life that I can no longer stop. What accentuates such a precarious and even distressing situation is the fact that it is a closed group.

No one can ask for outside help and they cover each other. HEFurthermore, when they are about to collapse and seek support from their families, they do not always receive it. They have to survive on their own and are too small and fragile to know how to do so. In this vortex of negativity, Hope is represented by the story of Martina to Elena Pace. (Barbara Chichiarelli), the police investigating the murder, the only one who could save the girls from themselves.


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