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The Boarding School Season 3 – Release Date, Plot, Cast and Everything

The Internado: Las Cumbres, or The Boarding School: The Summits, is a Spanish mystery-thriller adolescent drama series set in 2021. Jess Rodrigo, Charles Torrens, and Denis Rovaria directed the series, which Atresmedia Studio and Globomedia produced. This entertainment series premiered on February 19, 2021, and is based on the famous series El internado, also known as The Boarding School: Black Lagoon, which ran from 2007 to 2010. There are two seasons and 16 episodes, with an average duration of 50 minutes.

The series announced cooperation with Prime Video, The Mediapro Studio, and Brenda Estudio to make a second season. The second season resolves the previous season’s cliffhangers and riddles while simultaneously providing a standalone tale that lays the framework and leaves cliffhangers for a hypothetical third season. This site will present all relevant information and announcements about a probable third season. The series is about an Institute that is dark, secretive, severe and a dreadful environment for students. The school has a few troublesome kids who are dissatisfied with the general atmosphere and aura created by its cruel and frigid headmistress.

The boarding institution is for troubled youngsters who are subjected to harsh treatment. According to a few punishment images, students had their heads shaved for being discovered using mobile phones. They were put in freezers (Cells) if they were rebellious and anything less than a model student.


The school is perched on a rock, surrounded by a thicket of thorny trees. The entire atmosphere is that of a frigid and icy mountain where many horrors occur. Despite the rugged terrain and circumstances, a few pupils determined to leave the school by whatever means necessary to devise plans and techniques for a successful escape. Leaving the school is not as simple as it seems, as a deadly and violent dog guards the school gates, and passing will lead to wilderness and yet another survival fight against mountain monsters. The series is addicting, and it’s a bad idea to watch it during exams or at work since you can’t stop watching it. As the season closes, your mind will be flooded with many unanswered questions about the mysteries and thrills, making you wait for the following season.

On that point, let’s look at the latest season news to calm your nerves if you’ve been keeping up with the seasons and episodes.

The Boarding School Season 3 Release Date

Season 2 of The Boarding School starts where Season 1 left, answering many concerns and issues. The series, which was supposed to be a remake of the hit 2007 film The Boarding School: Black Lagoon, follows a new tale and new characters with clues and foundation from the original. The deal for the upcoming season has yet to be announced or signed by Prime Video. Regardless, there is a slew of fan hypotheses circulating, and the constant attention will only serve to encourage the sequel’s production.

As of now, with the second series having just ended, we can only anticipate hearing more about the sequel in the future and continue to pay attention to the current season. The sequel’s popularity and attention will be crucial. Given that we already have a slew of questions after the conclusion of Season 2, it’s more probable that we’ll get a new season or, at the very least, an official announcement before the end of 2023. As the tale progresses in Season 3, we may expect to see the same cast and characters.

Where To Watch The Boarding School?

Many streaming sites have The Boarding School accessible. All episodes and seasons of the show are available to view, rent, or purchase on Amazon Prime Video. Since its premiere, the series has garnered a lot of traction, but apart from Prime Video, there aren’t many OTT companies that offer the series for streaming. While watching the series online, there is also the location issue since not all OTT platforms distribute the program globally. As a result, if you want to watch the program on a different platform, you must do some research online and use a VPN to change your location to the one where the series is accessible.


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