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The Chestnut Man Season 2 – Release Date, Plot, Cast and Everything

If you find one, he's already found you.

The Chestnut Man Season 2 Details:

The Chestnut Man, Netflix series is based on the book written by Søren Sveistrup. He is the scriptwriter of the hit Scandinavian television show ‘The Killing’. The tagline of The Chestnut Man goes like “If you find one, he’s already found you. The madman is called “chestnut man” because at every crime scene he leaves a doll made of
matchsticks and two chestnuts.

The Chestnut Man Book
The Chestnut Man Book
The Chestnut Man Book
The Chestnut Man Book









Original titleThe Chestnut Man Season 2 (TV Series)
DirectorMikkel Serup
CreatorSøren Sveistrup, Dorte W. Høgh, David Dandreuter, Mikkel Serup
GenreDanish, Mysteries, Crime, Based on Books, Social Issues, Thriller, Drama
Release DateProbably December 2022 (Yet to Announced, Officially)
original titleThe Chestnut Man Season 2
Australia The Chestnut Man Season 2
Brazil 2ª temporada de The Chestnut Man
Canada (English title) The Chestnut Man Season 2
France The Chestnut Man Saison 2
Germany Der Kastanienmann Staffel 2
Greece Σεζόν 2 του The Chestnut Man
Indiaचेस्टनट मैन सीजन 2
The Chestnut Man Musim 2
Italy L’uomo castagno stagione 2
Mexico El hombre castaño temporada 2
Philippines (English title) The Chestnut Man Season 2
Poland Kasztanowiec Sezon 2
Singapore (English title) The Chestnut Man Season 2
South Korea 밤나무 남자 시즌 2
Spain El hombre castaño temporada 2
Turkey (Turkish title) Kestane Adam 2. Sezon
Ukraine Каштанова людина 2 сезон
United Arab Emiratesرجل الكستناء الموسم الثاني
UK The Chestnut Man Season 2
USAThe Chestnut Man Season 2

The Chestnut Man Season 2 Cast:

Danica Curcic as Naia Thulin
Mikkel Boe Følsgaard as Mark Hess
Iben Dorner as Rosa Hartung
Esben Dalgaard Andersen as Steen Hartung
David Dencik as Simon Genz
Lars Ranthe as Nylander
Liva Forsberg as Le Thulin

The Chestnut Man Season 1 Recap

The Chestnut Man Season 1 Synopsis:

Series start with Le Thulin(Liva Forsberg) and her new partner Mark Hess(Mikkel Boe Følsgaard) investigating a gruesome murder somewhere in Copenhagen. Meanwhile daughter of Politician Rosa Hartung(Iben Dorner) went missing. After some grief moments she return back to her work. Hess tries to solve the mystery around Hartung’s daughter disappearance by some unorthodox methods. Some text message lead the detectives to false lead while Rosa gets another threat. After finding a lead to a possible target, detectives hatch a risky yet doable plan to lure the murderer. Detectives find some inconsistencies in Kristine Hartung’s(daughter of Rosa Hartung) case. As mystery unravels, Thulin and Hess fight to save innocent lives. The series ends with many unanswered questions which will be hopefully answered in Season 2.

The Chestnut Man Season 1 Trailer:

Some Reviews Of the Book by Good Reads

Debra says by rating 4 out of 5 Stars –

“A grizzly debut that will NOT having you dreaming of chestnuts roasting on an open fire anytime soon. I’d rather have Jack frost nipping at my nose instead thank you very much! This debut novel details a police investigation into the murders of mothers who have had various allegations of neglect and abuse filed against them. The murders are violent and gruesome. He likes to take a hand here, a foot there…but he is a giver also – his gift or calling card, if you will, is a chestnut man made out (you guessed it!) chestnuts and match sticks. Interesting choice of calling card but this is an interesting case.

What makes this even more interesting that there is a fingerprint on the chestnut men left behind – the fingerprint of a young girl who went missing a year ago. She is presumed dead, but her parents are given hope when her print if found on the chestnut men.

This had a few twists and turns, and things all do come together in the end. I didn’t figure this one out which was nice. I liked to be surprised. In the end it all made sense and had me looking back wondering if I might have missed some clues. The only thing that would have made this book better for me was more of the killer. I would have loved to hear that POV without giving the identity away.

Not for the faint at heart but if you are a fan of Scandinavian fiction or the television show the Killing, this one is for you. There are some gruesome scenes, but they are not gratuitous. They serve a purpose – to show just how sick and damaged the killer is.”

MarilynW says by rating it 4 out of 5 Stars –

“I’m a big fan of police procedural and this book hit the spot for me. It is very gory and graphic though so keep that in mind if you decide to read the book. It’s also very atmospheric, with the dark, wet, dreary, cold climate of Copenhagen setting the stage for a serial killer. The story begins thirty years ago when a farm family is brutally slaughtered, along with a soon to retire detective, who stopped at the farm to investigate complaints of wandering farm animals.

The book than moves to the present day female homicide detective Thulin having to work with young but seasoned detective Hess, who has been kicked back to her agency for disciplinary reasons. Hess seems to have a very big case of “don’t care” and just wants back to his normal job of working international crimes while Thulin is hoping to move to a new job dealing with cyber crime. But first they have to solve the death of a woman who has been brutally murdered after being tortured. But before they can solve that crime, there is another murder and they realize that the killer has an agenda that includes killing more women.

Both detectives have dark pasts although we don’t get to know the entire story about either one of them. I’m hoping that there is another book about these two down the line because I want to know more about them. The work they do is very methodical and even tedious, such a mix of horror and brutality, interspersed with countless red herrings within the story, via the killer, but also from the author. Just when you think you have a handle on things, everything goes lopsided. There is a sense of the need for things to be solved now, before more women are killed, mixed in with a sense of the tedium of such a job.

A friend of mine told me about The Killing, an Amazon Prime series that has this author as the scriptwriter and now I’m busy watching the series. The Chestnut Man would make a good program, too.”






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