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lthe first episode of For Elisa – The Claps case stuck in front of the television three million viewers. Tonight Rai 1 (at 9:30 p.m.) will broadcast the second episode of the miniseries Marco Pontecorvotaken from the book blood on the altar by Tobias Jones and created with the consultancy of family applauds.

“Elisa Claps”, the case: the clip of Rai's drama with Gildo and Irene

The story of the disappearance in Potenza of sixteen year old elisa It shocked Italy at the beginning of the years. Ninety. The series tells the story of the family and especially the brother. Guild who fought for years on behalf of truth and justice. A man destroyed by pain who gave up a piece of his life for the love of his sister and his parents: he wanted to find at least Elisa’s body so that the mother would have a grave to cry on.

The Elisa Claps case: the plot of the second episode

January 1994. Four months have passed since the disappearance of Elisa applauds. The police are convinced that it was kidnapedGildo is less so (Gianmarco Saurino), who does not abandon his obsession: Danilo Restivo (Giulio Della Monica). a rescue of 200 million lire for the family. The money is delivered, but in the blue car where it should be. Elise No one. Inspector Pace follows another lead: that of child prostitution. This road will also turn out to be a hole in the water.

Gildo promises that he will do everything possible so that Restivo ends up in prison. The boy who had dreams together with irene gets caught up in the family drama. The police arrest Danilo tries to pressure him: in fact it turns out that he has always declared falsely regarding the day of the disappearance of Elise: He was never at the work where he said he was and he never fell. How had he gotten that wound on his hand? Danilo, however, does not give in and is released. Trial begins against Restivo for false information to the PM.

The trials against Danilo Restivo and the keys to the church

The process begins. During the trial something else comes out, a girl who is called to testify Danilo Restivo had cut a lock of hair in a bus. “From that day on I have not been able to get on public transport again,” confesses the young woman. But the testimony was deleted. It was learned that the accused had a set of keys to the premises next to the Church of SS Trinità. Who did you get them from? At the trial he is questioned. Don Mimi (Antonio Petrocelli), one of the most disturbing figures in the series, who reveals that he does not know the accused. FAKE!

Another one is happening at the same time. trial against Restivo. Whoever accuses him is a seeker. Sabrinaa student who was bombarded with phone calls, day and night, from pornographic drawings and dirty letters. Restivo is sentenced to one year and eight months in prison for forgery. Without Elisa’s body it is not possible to try Danilo for murder. The case is closed. For the Claps it is another slap in the face.

Ludovica Ciaschetti as Elisa. (Rai Press Office)

The Clap can’t find peace

The Claps family is increasingly aware that Elisa is dead. The father no longer has the strength to fight, the mother (Anna Ferruzzo) instead remains next to the son gildowho can’t stand not knowing the truth about his sister’s death and above all that the murderer is on the loose. organize one Torchlight procession to raise awareness among the inhabitants of Potenzashe asks her boyfriend restive sisterwhich is precisely the September 12, 1993 He had seen Danilo with his hand and clothes stained with blood.

Towards the end of the nineties it began to become popular. Internet. Together with a friend Guild Open a website dedicated to Elisa. One day they receive a strange email, signed by Elisa, in which she writes that she is in Brazil. This is the work of Danilo, which continues to torment the Claps. Gildo returns to television, a Who has seen?to reopen the case. Danilo goes to Rimini and in 2002 we see him in a house in Bournemouthin England, observing the neighbors. One of them will be his next victim..

Gianmarco Saurino and Diletta Rossi. (Rai Press Office)

Gildo and his love for Irene

Gildo does not give up, but little by little it is destroying his life. You are completely losing the focus of your existence. Leave Irene (Rosa Diletta Rossi) For love, she loves him too much to ruin his life.: frees her from a weight she cannot bear. “Since Elisa disappeared I have understood what the important things in life are and you are not there,” she tells him. Guild He also invents that he is having a relationship with another woman.. Irene knows well that it is not true.

The two will not see each other for a few years. She returns to Potenza on the occasion of another torchlight procession in memory of elisa. Gildo has no intention of reestablishing a relationship with his ex. It will be the intervention of don marcelo (Carlo De Ruggieri), friend of irene and among the founders of Freeto open your eyes. Gildo graduates, he marries irene and together they founded the Association Penelope to help them missing people. Finally some light enters her life.


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