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Married at First Sight 8: Episode 7 Previews

METERThere is very little left until the end of the eighth season of Marriage at first sightin wave every Wednesday at 9:20 p.m. in Real Time. While waiting for the end in which couples will decide whether to divorce or stay married, this afternoon it’s time to find out how coexistence is progressing.

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After the reunion at the resort and a few days after the meeting with the experts, The three couples from television’s most beloved dating show return to their respective lives.. It’s time to take stock: That is, whether to continue the experiment away from the cameras or get divorced.. Meanwhile, the sentimental situation seems positive for everyone, even for Juanchi and Gianna, for whom some hope has arisen (we’ll see).

Married at first sight 8the previews of the seventh episode.

sonia and alberto

The story between “Faenza” and “Novate Milanese” continues very well. To the point that, carried away by enthusiasm, the two decide to get a couple tattoo. The word chosen is “color”, and Sonia explains the reason for this curious decision: “I accidentally said “color” instead of “love” and since then we have always played with this slip.” In Alberto’s parents’ house – where they decided to retire as their first stop – harmony reigns, as well as when they move to Faenza, to spend time with their father. But the terrible surprise of the flood in Romagna awaits them.

In fact, the program was recorded last May, right during the days of the natural disaster. Sonia and Alberto find themselves faced with the tragic event barricade themselves in the house. Then they discover themselves becoming closer and begin to plan a future together. An agreement also communicated to the family: Sonia declares to her mother, during dinner, that she is almost sure of the love she feels for Alberto.. Which the blonde osteopath enthusiastically reciprocates. In short, with the final election now imminent, the (happy) fate of the two seems already written.

Sonia and Alberto in “Married at First Sight 8”. (Real time)

Alejandro and Valentina

They started badly and then recovered ground in the following weeks, The Lombards remain the most uncertain couple of this edition. They are very similar and the understanding is always excellent, but Valentina doesn’t think it’s enough. At the beginning of the episode we see that they get along well; Alessandro, in his Milanese house and increasingly comfortable, He confesses to his wife that he received a call from his ex-wifewho criticized his ex’s decision to participate in the program. Valentina values ​​her husband’s transparency, but what stops her is the “insurmountable” obstacle that Alessandro is not your prototype of a man.

Nada Loffredi invites you to reflect difference between emotion and feeling. In fact, the psychologist explains to Valentina that the butterflies in the stomach, or the emotion, are not there. condition not fall in love, but Sonia remains perplexed. He confides everything to Alessandro who, evidently, does not take it well.and then declared to the authors “I feel like shit, I’m making him suffer.”

Alessandro and Valentina in “Married at First Sight 8”. (Real time)

juanchi and gianna

A real disaster. After the hope, in the last episode, of a possible new beginning for the two Venetians, now the word “end” seems definitively written. But let’s go in order. Gianna, for the first time, goes to the town of Montebelluna where Juanchi lives, and at night, in front of the child’s family photos, The usual interrogation begins with the hope that the Dominican will trust him. in his most intimate emotions. But Juanchi maintains absolute confidentiality.

Gianna and Juanchi in “Married at First Sight 8”. (Real time)

When days later He meets her at home, she tells him that – since their relationship never took off – He no longer plans to sleep in the same bed. Juanchi’s anger then explodes and he leaves. without even a greeting. They meet again in front of Andrea Favaretto, invited to discuss.

If at first Juanchi does not say a word, after listening to his wife’s point of view he decides to give his opinion, blaming her for all the problems faced during the experiment.. Gianna takes advantage, but, through tears, she confides to the authors that «He wants to appear like the victim when in reality he is quite the opposite.»; and the two leave Favaretto’s studio without even looking at each other. Therefore, it seems obvious that, at this point, next Wednesday, None of them will be willing to continue the marriage..


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