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What did the ‘Married With Children’ stars do after the hit ’90s series?

Al, Peggy, Kelly and Bud and their neighbors Marcy and Jefferson. You know them well from the popular sitcom of the 80s and 90s.

In recent weeks, we have introduced the most famous characters from the series. Married with children to review. Who were they and what do the actors do today?

Here we list the characters again, with the Bundy family, Al, Peggy, Kelly and Bud, and their neighbors Marcy and Jefferson.

The cynical shoe salesman ‘Al Bundy’
The starring star of the series went to Al Bundy, the cynical shoe salesman, played by Ed O’Neill. Al barely gets off the couch as he criticizes himself and everyone around him. Al Bundy works as a shoe salesman at Gary’s Lady’s Shoes & Accessories and he doesn’t like it at all.

What is Ed O’Neill doing these days?

From the wacky ‘Peggy Bundy’
This role was played by Katey Sagal, who is still working hard as an actress. Peggy Bundy was not only a flamboyant and colorful personality, but also a somewhat lazy traditional housewife who was primarily interested in shopping, gossiping, and watching soap operas.

Do you want to know how ‘Peggy’ is doing?

Bud Bundy, the overwrought son
Bud Bundy was the son of the house, played by actor David Faustino. He was the smartest or at least the least stupid in the family. Bud always wanted to get it right with women, but unfortunately, despite harsh stories from him, he just barely made it.

How is ‘Bud’ doing these days?

The dumb blonde ‘Kelly Bundy’
The apple of the eye in the series was, of course, Kelly, played by Christina Applegate. Kelly Bundy was the stereotypical dumb blonde, who often mixed up words and expressions. She had an attractive appearance who often wore provocative clothes and was very popular with the boys.

How is Kelly now?

‘Marcy’, the pointy neighbor
This other colorful character from the sitcom is the neighbor of the Bundy family. Marcy (Amanda Bearse) represents determination, feminism and the fight for equality. Though her new relationship with Jefferson (see below) shows that she, too, yearns for adventure and a carefree lifestyle.

So it is with Amanda Bearse now.

“Jefferson”, the slippery neighbor
And then, of course, there’s Jefferson D’Arcy (Ted McGinley), neighbor Marcy’s new boyfriend, who made a successful entrance midway through the show’s fifth season. Jefferson is a rather opportunistic gentleman with low morals, who generally got along very well with the Pater Familias Al Bundy.

How is Ted?

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