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Hearts 2: the plot and previews of the fifth episode

norththe fifth episode of Hearts 2 (awake tonight Rai 1) you will discover more details about the painful past of Helmut and in the inspector’s Giraudo, who is investigating with all his might about the car accident which resulted in the death of Elvira Mosca. Someone tampered with the car’s brakes. WHO? Husband fly and former head of molinette He is the main suspect.

Cuori, Rai's drama about the pioneers who revolutionized cardiac surgery

Delia stalks her biological motherbut he doesn’t have the courage to meet her in the meantime. Louise He leaves the hospital and starts a new life at home with karenthe son and the brother Albert. However, coexistence does not go in the best way. Hearts 2 it becomes more and more crime.

Hearts 2: the fifth episode

Inspector Giraudo (Alessandro Tersigni) is investigating the accident that caused the death of Elvira. Someone tampered with the brakes on his car. The main suspect is her husband enrico, someone saw him with the hood up before his wife got behind the wheel. And there is also Agate, his ex-lover. Enrico had in mind to change his life precisely for the love of the nurse. But the inspector has another question to resolve: the his relationship with Delia (Pilar Fogliati). Giraudo is deeply in love from the cardiologist, but she has a fixation: Alberto Ferraris (Matteo Martari).

the plant totally italian pacemaker excited the press. Cersare Corvara (Daniele Pecci), new head of Turin Molinette, it’s in all the newspapers. Now a new challenge awaits you: smallest pacemaker which could fit newborns. Alberto and Delia’s goal is to save the little girl’s life. Ana. Their engineer friend helps them. Ricardo Tosiwho is hired at the hospital, and the industrial expert Ludovico Trevisan who he worked for olivetti. The man could patent the first pediatric pacemaker in history.

Does Alberto still love Delia?

Luisa, Alberto’s sister, he is better. The pacemaker implantation was successful. She can now return home to her son. He actually he will have to live with karen is alberto, for now. Karen is terrified by her presence and especially scared by how she might behave around the children. Difficult coexistence creates tensions between people future spouses.

Alberto has some doubts about this.: in the workplace it always has to do with Deliafor whom he still seems to have feelings deep feelings. Maybe it’s not time for both of us to move on? They will discuss this topic. Alberto and Inspector Giraudo, increasingly captivated by Delia.

Pilar Fogliati and Matteo Martari. (Rai Press Office)

Delia She has another thought in her head that torments her, in addition Albert and the health of Ana, lto the biological mother. Every day she hides in her car in front of her house to observe and get to know her, but she does not have the courage to take that decisive step. For several days the cardiologist does not show up for work: «I feel empty», he confesses Albertthe only one he wants to talk to.

The triangle Helmut, Fausto and Ginevra

In this fifth episode of Hearts 2 details will be revealed about painful past Of Helmutthe talented doctor who fled East Berlin during the war. About the end of the previous episode. Faust had discovered That Helmut He never graduated from medical school. This secret keeps you away Geneva of the young German, for whom he was beginning to have feelings. Take advantage of it Splendor introduce yourself and openly declare your love for her. How will Corvara’s daughter react? Also the radiologist Andrea Foschini (Paolo Conticini) is presented with serenellathanks to the support of his cousin Ferruccio (Therefore it is not exempt from jealousy).


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