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The fifth season of Stranger Things will sadly follow the fourth

After the delayed fourth season of Strange things now the fifth and final season is also delayed. The brothers behind the hit series announced this on Twitter.

Hollywood is stopped. More than 20,000 writers have been on strike since May 2. The WGA, the writers’ union, officially declared a strike after they failed to reach an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

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The problem? The impact of streaming on the already precarious existence of the creatives who have written your favorite movies and series is a concern about the rise of artificial intelligence and the terrible working conditions in Hollywood studios.

You can read more about the reasons for the strike in this article. However, this is not an action that you as a consumer will not notice. This is not an America far from your bed show. The fact that some current affairs shows can’t be broadcast in the United States won’t bother you. But your favorite shows are already in trouble. In fact, one of the biggest series of the last ten years is in trouble.

Stranger Things season five

So we are talking about Strange things. The Duffer brothers were busy preparing to produce the fifth season of the Netflix Original until the strike began. The grand finale of the ever-expanding franchise, for which several spin-offs have already been announced. The inevitable farewell major show, however, is postponed for a while out of sheer necessity.

Production on the fifth season was scheduled to begin soon, but the Duffer brothers announced on Twitter that production will unfortunately be delayed due to strikes:

fair deal

They explain the importance of the role of the screenwriters, even when the cameras are already on: “The writing doesn’t stop when shooting begins. While we’re excited to begin production with our incredible cast and crew, that’s not possible during this strike. We hope that a fair deal can be reached soon so we can all get back to work. Until then, over and out.

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Duffer Brothers (Image: ANP/Shutterstock)

Other shows will continue

Bad news for fans of the series, but in the end the Duffer brothers are also convinced that their writers deserve better terms. By the way, there are other important shows that can continue despite the strikes: both Amazon’s the ring of power than the one on hbo dragon house they are currently filming in the UK.

Both productions stored scripts before the strike began. However, the big question is what will happen when scenes or stories need to be adapted, without writers on set. The last time this type of strike occurred, it did not exactly benefit the series and films in question in such situations. It makes sense that productions that have already started on location keep the cameras rolling for as long as possible. In case of Strange things is that, according to the Duffer brothers, apparently impossible.

Summer 2024 on Netflix?

As of this writing, it’s unclear what the impact will be on the release date of the fifth and final season of the Netflix original. The delay and therefore the postponement is in any case a problem, especially with the ambitious. release window of the summer of 2024. Well, the fourth season also took no less than three years due to the pandemic. So the fans are used to it.

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The fifth season of Stranger Things will sadly follow the fourth

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