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Stranger Things 5 ​​Shares Cryptic ‘Baby Plot’ and Fans See a Clue

After the start date, a first cryptic description of the plot of Strange things season 5. Do What You Want fans see a hint and are already rooting for more screen time for the Byers family on the popular Netflix series.

To temper your enthusiasm: the start date of filming for the fifth fan season Strange things it’s early June 2023, so the release date will be a while away. David Harbor, the police officer Jim Hopper in the Netflix series, revealed it earlier this month.

The cryptic plot of Stranger Things 5

The official Twitter account of the series’ writers shared the plot on March 21, the beginning of spring. This probably means nothing, but with the creators of this Netflix series, you have to take everything into account. They describe the plot as follows. “Stranger Things Season 5 is like Season 1 and Season 4 having a baby together. And then they inject that baby with steroids.”

Not quite. Ah, that way. Are we a little wiser now? Could it have something to do with Eleven meeting the “younger me” from season 1 in season 4? Is there something going on between Demogorgon and Vecna ​​that we don’t know about?

Fans make baby jumper to Byers

Well, if we are to believe the fans, who are mostly voicing their hopes, it’s nothing of the sort. Come into the cryptic plot of Strange things Season 5 sees a resurgence for the Byers family in terms of screen time. One of the few criticisms of the last season was the poor role of Will. But from that cryptic baby they draw hope for change. Compilation of the reactions, the fact is that it has begun to make the mouth water.

Or in season 5 of Strange things Whether the Byers or other characters star, it will still be the final season of the wonderful Netflix series. That has been announced before. By the way, did you know that actors are much older than the characters they play? Read the actual age differences here.

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Stranger Things 5 ​​Shares Cryptic ‘Baby Plot’ and Fans See a Clue

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