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The Gilded Age 2: plot, cast and trailers for the Sky series

TOSet in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. The golden age 2 arrives with eight new episodes exclusively on Sky and streaming only NOW starting today. Designed by the father of Downton Abbey Julian Fellowes, This drama period confirms the good impressions of the first season. Enriching even more, without ever weighing down, the plots of the protagonists of the so-called “Golden Era” of New York.

“Downton Abbey” is back and for fans of the Crawley family it will be a “new era”

The golden age 2the plot

Yes in the first season Tradition is embodied by the uncompromising and proud heiress Agnes van Rhijn. (Christine Baranski) – supported by her sister Ada Brook (Cynthia Nixon) –, modernity has the striking appearance of the bourgeois couple formed by George Russell (Morgan Spector) and his wife Bertha (Carrie Coon). Progress, modernity, the innovative and free lifestyle that now reigns in New York and that the couple represents at its best undermine the foundations of that old status quo that now seems to have to give way to a more dynamic society.

In the middle, the protagonist Marion Brook (Louisa Jacobson), the unfortunate niece of Agnes and AdaHe finds himself, against his will, with aspiring writer Peggy Scott (Denée Benton), in the middle of a dispute between their aunts. and the new and rampant residents of the neighborhood. In parallel, Bertha challenges the old system, working not only to establish themselves in society, but to potentially assume a leading role in it. while her husband George faces his own battle against a growing union at its Pittsburgh steel mill.

Carrie Coon and Morgan Spector in a scene from “The Gilded Age 2.” (Barbara Nitke/HBO)

AND drama period fun and busy

After the good response of the first season, The golden age returns with a second season that resembles a “light” version of Downton Abbey. It’s not necessarily a bad thing considering that The show remains thoroughly enjoyable, like a richly decorated “deluxe” soap opera.. With the added benefit of incorporate 19th century history, such as the early struggles of the labor movement and unions (perfect timing given Hollywood’s recent troubles) and the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge. Thus, even in the forays into the social strata of the time, the creator Julian Fellowes does not forget to include a critical, although playful, looktowards the stupidities and extravagances of the rich social classes.

As in the case of below however, Class struggle generally takes a backseat to more romantic concerns. Including a possible love interest for Marian as Peggy deals with her own personal and professional complications. Fellowes, who as always writes each episode, juggles all the narrative threads of the complicated plot and Compared to the previous season, these eight new episodes bring interesting new features.

Skillfully balancing the characters’ psychologies, The episodes are lively and engaging and, welcome, the series is sexier this time around.. The romantic plots, so heavy in the first season, find real warmth here, also thanks to the introduction of new characters. As Reverend Matthew played by Robert Sean Leonard, the unforgettable protagonist of The fleeting moment. Continuing to compare the first season, which perhaps did not have a real narrative urgency, Instead, this second lays the foundation for plots destined to continue until a possible third season and beyond..

As for the cast, full of Broadway stars, Once again the incredible Aunt Agnes, played by Christine Baranski, and Nathan Lane stand out like Ward McAllister. Real-life historical figure who often determined which families were considered worthy of acceptance into high society or not. Without forgetting Cynthia Nixon as the conservative Ada, sister of the fearsome Agnes. Applause, as expected, also for the opulent decorations and the sumptuous dresses created wonderfully by Kasia Walicka-Maimone.

Louisa Jacobson, like mother, like daughter

Meryl Streep’s youngest son and her ex-husband Don Gummer – the two made their separation official a few days ago -, The actress born in 1991 studied psychology at Vassar College and after graduating chose the path of acting. He enrolls in the prestigious British American Drama Academy in Oxford.

After a second bachelor’s degree from Yale University’s theater school, Louisa made her theater debut in 2017 in the play. mary jane and in 2019 it is Giulietta in the transposition of Romeo and Juliet at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego. During the same period, she gets engaged to her colleague Jonathan Higginbotham and then debuts on the small screen a couple of years later in the television movie Hollywood is gone. In 2022 he will achieve it the coveted role of Marian Brook in The era of the guilds.

Speaking about her role, the actress said: “I’m a big fan of Downton Abbey and the drama period It’s my favorite genre. Marian knows that her likely destiny will be to marry as best she can and survive, but she wants more.. It is limited by the rules of its time, but it also has a modern touch.” Still far from the world of cinema, Louisa will return to her beloved theater very soon in the work of Sarah Einspanier lunch group. To the joy of her mother Meryl, she has always been her most unconditional defender.


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