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Your favorite Stranger Things is getting a prequel, but not on Netflix

Eddie Munson was undoubtedly the great favorite of the public of Strange things Fifth season. That’s why he’ll soon get his own prequel, in book form. meet flight of icarus.

the end of Strange things, the series, is in sight. The Duffer Brothers have said that the fifth season will be the last. Fortunately, the franchise still has a bright future ahead of it. No, you don’t have to leave the nostalgic world of the Duffer brothers just yet.

more stranger things

In addition to a stage play and an animated series, another spin-off for Netflix Original has now been announced. A story that does not require a Netflix subscription. Fan favorite Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn on the show, is getting his own prequel story, in book form. Yes, it’s time to take the proverbial reading glasses from him.

the book goes Stranger Things: The Flight of Icarus be called. That reports the generally well-informed Entertainment Weekly. flight of icarus is written by Caitlin Schneiderhan. A household name to hardcore fans, she was the Duffer brothers’ assistant director during seasons two and three of the show, and wrote arguably the best episode of season four: The monster and the superhero. Also nice touch: she’s the mastermind behind it. @strangewritersaccount on Twitter, where all kinds behind the scenespublications are published.

Prequel to the Netflix book Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus Eddie Munson
🍿Eddie in the series (Picture: Netflix)

Netflix goes back in time

Anyway: Netflix clearly hasn’t hired a random writer for the book. Stranger Things: The Flight of Icarus takes place two years before the events of the fourth season. Eddie Munson, leader of the Hellfire Club, metalhead, and Hawkins outcast, has a chance to make it. To him, Hawkins, Indiana is a great horror.

Fortunately, he only has a few more months to survive at Hawkins High. And what has the last year been but killing time between Dungeons & Dragons sessions with the Hellfire Club and concerts with your band? However, to finance his musical ambitions, Munson will have to participate in the dubious activities of his father.

And what about the fifth season?

In any case, Schneiderhan is excited: “I’m very excited to have fans join him on his journey to becoming a hero, to experience the complicated and uncomfortable decisions that led him to become the fearless maverick we all know and love.”

For fans of Eddie Munson, the breakout star of Strange things season four, at least it will be a chance to have one last adventure with his hero. The possibility of the character still appearing in the fifth season of Netflix Original is nil. Still, fans are hopeful, after executive producer Shawn Levy said in an interview, “The chances are very slim. Very small. But, we hear you, world. We know. You guys are obsessed with Eddie. We also!”

Releasedatum Flight of Icarus

Stranger Things: The Flight of Icarus will be released in English on October 31. Nothing is known yet about a possible Dutch translation. Not a big reader and especially looking forward to the fifth season of the show? Unfortunately, no concrete release date has been revealed for this yet, although fans are counting on the end of this year. Fingers crossed!

Prequel to the Netflix book Stranger Things: Flight of Icarus Eddie Munson
📕 (Picture: Netflix)

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