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These are Arne Slot’s favorite series on Netflix and Videoland

Feyenoord is champion once again and we dare to say that this would not have been possible without Arne Slot. Not just a great trainer and coach, but above all a perfectly normal person who sits at home with his socks on the couch in front of Netflix and Videoland. In the euphoria of the championship, he revealed his two favorite series.

Even before the title was won, a championship epidemic had been going on in Rotterdam for weeks. When asked how you can avoid all the dangers that come with it, Arne Slot gave a simple answer. “Instead of all the talk shows, I just put on Netflix.”


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♬ original sound – football first

So, of course, only one logical follow-up question remains.

What are Arne Slot’s favorite series?

Indeed: what are the favorite series of the successful Feyenoord coach. Well, Arne Slot has an original flavor. Championship bowl with bitterballen and binge!


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♬ original sound – football first

He calls Fauda (Netflix) and Incognito (Videoland) as two of his favorite series.


The first series that Arne Slot mentions is Fauda. This cast iron show takes place in Israel and Palestine. The central figure is the (former) Israeli undercover agent Doron, who was part of the anti-terrorist unit of mista’arvim and is asked to return. The undercover team has to carry out various covert operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip throughout the series. In addition to work, the series also follows Doron’s private life and all the intrigue that comes with it.

our criticism Fauda it’s that, especially in the first season, it leans a bit to the pro-Israel side. However, there are few series with such tension. Also, the whole thing is actually filmed in Israel and Palestine, with both Palestinians and Israelis. That makes it even more believable. Stream Fauda on netflix.

Incognito – Videoland

Arne Slot is currently in incognito mode, and from that we can cautiously conclude that the Feyenoord manager has a preference for covert operations. Not entirely surprising, given his contract negotiations with Feyenoord while he was still employed by AZ.

we have ourselves Incognito I haven’t seen it, but it seems to be one of the creepier series in Videoland. The series follows undercover agent Felix (Dragan Bakema) who infiltrates the life of the seemingly normal Lize (Melody Klaver) to find out what role she plays. Streaming now on

Have you seen Arne Slot’s favorite series yet? Then take a look at the favorites of Natan Aké, the orange international who played in Feyenoord’s youth until the age of fifteen.

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These are Arne Slot’s favorite series on Netflix and Videoland

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