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Netflix Releases Its Next Favorite Succession Star Horror Movie

SuccessionStar Sarah Snook is moving from HBO Max to Netflix soon! she is the face of run rabbit runa terrifying psychological horror movie.

With movies like Predestination (2014), the dressmaker (2015) in steve jobs (2015) Sarah Snook was already a small name on her resume. However, no one saw the mega success of Succession arrive.

Sarah Snook scores with Succession

The show more than lives up to HBO’s reputation – the quality is plain to see. In the award-winning drama series, the Australian actress plays the daughter of a powerful media mogul, Siobhan ‘Shiv’ Roy. Created by Jesse Armstrong, the series follows the intrigue and power struggles of an absurdly wealthy family based on the empire and the family intrigue of Rupert Murdoch. It is without exaggeration one of the best series of the last decades.

Succession may be streaming on HBO Max, but Netflix is ​​also enthusiastically responding to the popularity of the show. The streaming service has the first full trailer run rabbit run Droped, a psychological horror film starring Sarah Snook. She this time she plays not the daughter of an ambitious billionaire, but a single mother, (not) coincidentally named Sarah.

run rabbit run

Sarah is a fertility doctor who is looking forward to the seventh birthday of her beloved daughter Mia. Soon, however, her quiet and organized life begins to take a sinister turn. Mia begins to behave strangely and a rabbit appears at the door: a mysterious birthday present that makes Mia happy, but deeply disturbs Sarah.

His daughter, meanwhile, is becoming less and less of herself. She demands to see Sarah’s long-estranged hospitalized mother (the grandmother she never knew), and Sarah is unnerved when the girl’s bizarre tantrums begin to alert her to Sarah’s dark history. “As a ghost from her past re-enters Sarah’s life, she struggles to hold on to her distant youngest daughter,” the synopsis reads. run rabbit run.

that already sounds decent queer. The direction of the Netflix Original is in the hands of Daina Reid, who after The Handmaid’s Tale know how they do it mysterious can create atmosphere. The script was written by Hannah Kent, of whom perhaps the good people of Devotion knows In addition to Sarah Snook, the cast also includes Lily LaTorre, who plays Sarah’s daughter, and Damon Herriman (once upon a time in hollywood).

mediocre reviews

Unfortunately, there is also bad news. Run Rabbit Run already premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The result is a Rotten Tomatoes roundup that isn’t cute. After 48 reviews, the horror film has a score of 38 percent. “Sarah Snook and especially Lily LaTorre are doing everything they can run rabbit run sadly, without any ingenuity to the horror or compelling drama elements in the story, it is a dud,” concludes Harris Dang of The AU Review.

Fortunately, there were also critics who are positive about the Netflix Original: “The gothic ghost storythe vibe of this movie is nuanced and layered; Chilling horror scenes are created without resorting to jump scares or special effects,” said Peg Aloi of Arts Fuse.

June 28 on Netflix

Either way, it’s clear that Snook isn’t going to win any Oscars with run rabbit run. However, that may make it the perfect horror movie for Netflix – kick back on the couch and enjoy some great acting and an interesting approach. A terrifying interlude. As of June 28 you will be able to discover if run rabbit run you know how to charm Since that date, the horror movie is on Netflix.

Netflix Run Rabbit Run horror thriller movie Succession
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Netflix Releases Its Next Favorite Horror Movie Starring Succession

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