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your favorite february war movie is just around the corner

2023 has just begun, but new war movies are already flying around you. meet Ambushan action movie based on true events that takes you to the Vietnam War.

Starting this week, Netflix takes you back to 1940s Norway. To Narvik, to be precise, a port city where Hitler suffered his first major defeat during World War II. That story is the theme of narvika spectacular war movie that you can watch on the streaming service from January 23.

Back to the Vietnam War

Fortunately, for fans of the war movie genre, there’s more on the calendar. For example, soon we will go back a little less in time with Ambush, an action movie set during the Vietnam War. The Saban Films war movie is based on a true story, although that’s an elastic concept in Hollywood.

Ambush follows a group of soldiers who have been ordered to drop behind the enemy’s front line, with the ultimate goal of obtaining coveted documents there and then destroying them. Documents that could change the course of the entire Vietnam War.

Schlocky War Movie

However, forget about those documents, because Ambush it’s a real popcorn movie. Don’t expect the most neat and serious historical film work from narvik: Saban Films clearly serves you better silly and explosive popcorn movie for. You won’t hear us complain, though: just the new trailer kicks off with lots of explosions, flying bullets, and other forms of action.

In addition to plenty of action, director Mark Burman has also added a healthy dose of suspenseful elements to the mix. After all, how do you get behind the enemy’s front line? The soldiers where Ambush soon they will have a solution: go underground, and reach their goal through tunnels. But what if the enemy discovered such a “flaw” in his security a long time ago and it is a big trap? So you’re trapped, underground, with nowhere to go. brrr

The Vietnam War Ambush True War Movie
? (Image: Saban Films)

Big names, little movie?

In terms of cast and crew, the war movie only has a few names you probably recognize. For example, the main roles are played by Aaron Eckhart and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who you may know by The dark knight in vikings.

Not less names, but also after seeing the new trailer. Ambush one cannot escape the impression that we are mainly talking about a spectacular sandwich. So no Oscar material. Well, maybe the creators can surprise us. From February 24 Ambush digital through video on demand available.

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The Vietnam War Ambush True War Movie
? (Image: Saban Films)

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Ambush: Your favorite February war movie is right around the corner

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