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New Netflix War Movie Follows Rescue Impossible

Netflix is ​​treating us to a new war movie later this month. we take the air with air force the moviebut Tom Cruise need not worry.

2022 was a top year for fans of war movies and series, with the undisputed highlight All calm on the west front. Finally a modern version of a movie classic that does come out right. And thus an asset to Netflix’s relatively limited movie library.

Air Force The Movie: Danger Close

The NPO takes care of that the ancestor so you too can start 2023 with a compelling war story. You can read more about that in this article. But for the truly spectacular war action, you’ll be back on Netflix this year. At least, that’s what the streaming service is trying to convince you of with a full first trailer. Air Force The Movie: Danger Close.

me in Top Gun: Maverick and a flashy Chinese propaganda film, We’re Flying Fighter Jets Again. The Malaysian war film was called original Air Force the Movie: As Long as I Livebut for Netflix a more international sauce is added.

War film about the rescue action

air force the movie Follow Team PASKAU, a military team tasked with protecting humanitarian workers. They just did that in Namburi, a war-torn country. They are ready to fly back home when their plane is suddenly shot down by militants. Nine passengers manage to jump out of the plane in time and survive the resulting crash.

Then the action really begins, when the Malaysian Air Force assembles an elite team to rescue the survivors. An ‘impossible’ rescue. netflix presents with Air Force The Movie: Danger Close so skillfully bringing a local Malaysian film to a huge international audience. An audience that would otherwise never have heard of the action movie.

Not a great flyer?

The direction is in the hands of Zulkarnain Azhar, who only has one film to his name, and Frank See, whose imdb profile shows a striking list of similar generic war movies with just six. Even after watching the trailer, you can’t escape the impression that air force the movie It’s not going to be a high flyer. The film fits neatly into the ranks of patriotic, propaganda-filled war movies, with picture-perfect heroes and black-and-white villains. Amusing? Sure, but don’t expect it. All quiet on the twee western front.

From January 25 you can judge for yourself. Since then Air Force The Movie: Danger Close on Netflix. In the meantime, check out our list of the best war movies on Pathé Thuis, or marvel at the fact that the poster below contains official marketing material for air force the movie is.

Air Force The Movie Danger Close War Movie Netflix
? (Picture: Netflix)

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New Netflix War Movie Follows Rescue Impossible

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