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Netflix Releases Cold War Movie About Hitler’s First Defeat

Netflix will premiere on January 23 narvika spectacular war film about the first defeat of Adolf Hitler during World War II.

At the start of World War II, all eyes were on Narvik, a small port city in Norway. Narvik port could be used to ship iron ore from Sweden. Iron ore needed by Hitler for the production of weapons and other war material.

Crucial battle in Norway

The town was, therefore, a spearhead during the German invasion of 1940. Churchill wanted to do everything possible to prevent the port from falling into the hands of the Germans. The result was not only a great battle, but also Hitler’s first defeat in World War II.

In 62 days, 64 ships were sunk and 86 planes were shot down. 8,500 soldiers died during the battle, in which the harsh local climate also played a part. And the inhabitants of Narvik? They were caught between two fronts.

Netflix War Movie Narvik World War II
? (Picture: Netflix)

Spoiler alert: In the end, the Allies managed to push the Germans back. Not just a big win in terms of strategic placements, but also in terms of propaganda and psychology; the ultimate proof that the German war machine could be defeated. Or, as President Roosevelt said in his famous 1942 speech, “Look at Norway!”

Finally a war movie

just reading the Wikipedia page You can now watch a movie about this crucial battle. And fortunately there is, since the end of December. So we are talking about narvik, a Norwegian war film. “An underexposed chapter in Norway’s wartime history is finally getting the format it deserves,” say the producers, “and hopefully a place in the collective national consciousness as well.”

And how do you ensure that effectively? By going for the biggest podium. And so will the war movie. narvik, as the film is literally called, will be available to watch worldwide on Netflix starting January 23. Two months of winter war action, beautifully rendered on film. At least, the trailer already promises a lot of good things.

Quick on Netflix

The direction is in the hands of Erik Skjoldbjærg, the Norwegian director who previously Occupied delivered. A war series set in the near future, a future in which Russia occupies Norway. With a 7.6 on IMDb, that’s an absolute must, so I hope you know with narvik at least it matches that show.

HBO Max picks Netflix’s perfect-score war movie

Unfortunately, there are no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes yet, so we’ll really have to wait until January 23rd to judge for ourselves. In the meantime, we have prepared a roundup of the best war movies about Pathé Thuis in this article.

Netflix War Movie Narvik World War II
? (Picture: Netflix)

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Netflix Releases Cold War Movie About Hitler’s First Defeat

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