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5 Cool Details In Succession Even The Biggest Fan Missed Out

All eyes are on the outcome of the best ongoing series of the moment. But I bet, despite all the attention, there are still facts and trivia that have escaped the biggest fan? Five great details of the success of HBO Max Successionthat you must have missed.

Even if the hype in the Netherlands does not take on the proportions of the United States, there are few series that we can recommend more than Succession. Still not convinced? Read this eulogy first. As a reward, you won’t go a night without wanting to stream an episode of the hit in the living room.

Brilliant Details From HBO Max Succession

And combined with the cool details on this list, you’ll never start a series better prepared. But don’t worry, spoilers are avoided like the plague.

Greg the biggest egg

At six feet tall, audience favorite Nicholas Braun is by far the tallest actor in the cast. Partly for that reason, the role of the clumsy, clumsy cousin seems to fit him like a glove. But the genius Greg ‘The Egg’ was initially going to be played by Kieran Culkin, one of the shortest actors in the cast with a height of 1 meter 70.

Not the producers of Succession, but Culkin himself thought that Roman Roy suited him much better, and he was right. Another extra fact that you probably already knew: Kieran Culkin’s brother is none other than Macaulay Culkin, a great star of the blockbuster of the nineties Home alonein which Kieran also had a role.

succession, hbo max
Kieran Culkin in Home Alone (Image: 20th Century Studies)

Connor the very older brother

Older brother Alan Ruck (Connor) is actually only ten years younger than father Brian Cox (Logan). Ruck is also 31 years older than Sarah Snook, who voices Sister Shiv Roy.

succession, hbo max
Father and son (Image: HBO Max)

brian the king

it doesn’t happen by chance Succession often compared with a Shakespearean tragedy. Writer and HBO Max series creator Jesse Armstrong says he added inspiration king lear, a play about an old king who wants to divide his wealth between three daughters and goes mad in the process. And guess who was one of the most famous actors in King Lear for many years? In fact, Brian Cox even has one. a complete book dedicated to.

hbo max, brian cox, king lear, succession
(Image: Methuen Drama)

Shiv Murdoch

Although it may seem so, the Roy dynasty is not based about Australian media mogul Ruport Murdoch and his family. However, some members have already withdrawn. be a fan van Succession. Also daughter Elisabeth Murdoch, whose husband asked Brian Cox treat Shiv Roy a little less harshly during the HBO Max series.

Elisabeth Murdoch believes that Shiv Roy has many similarities (Image: Wikimedia)

logan the french canadian

Originally, Logan Roy would come from French-Canadian Québec. But at the suggestion of Brian Cox, the producers changed their Succession his homeland to Scotland, where the actor also hails from. A remnant of the original idea still remains: Roy is Old French for ‘king’ (modern day ‘roi’).

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5 Genius Details In Succession Even The Shakespeare Connoisseur Missed

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