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Netflix cancels one of the biggest hits of 2022 after just one season

One of the most successful series of the past year comes to an abrupt and unexpected end. Netflix has decided to pull the plug on the mystery thriller series after just one season. 1899. Why?

However, the ambitious multilingual series was widely watched around the world. In the first week after launch 1899 easily the way to the ten most watched series on Netflix. just the record Wednesday was able to hold back the ship full of immigrants seeking their fortune.

Climbing in just four days 1899 to second place with more than 80 million hours of streaming worldwide. A great performance, given the lack of a true all-star cast. Also, the series was able to put in much better numbers than other Netflix originals in the same genre that got a sequel (The Sandman for example).

Why is Netflix canceling 1899?

Netflix has yet to send out an official delisting announcement, let alone a statement. But unfortunately we can say with certainty that the scripts for the second and third seasons planned for 1899 will never see the light of a movie set. German manufacturers announced it disappointed on Instagram.

“It is with a heavy heart that we must tell you that 1899 it will not be renewed. We would have loved to complete this journey with a second and third season as with Dark was the case. But sometimes things don’t go as planned. This is life. We realize we are letting millions of fans down with this, but we want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for this fantastic adventure.”

Actor Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen has also expressed his dissatisfaction with the cancellation, saying that the entire cast is devastated.

Why Netflix? 1899 Definitely eliminated from the programming is not known, but on the other hand it is not a mystery either. in the documentary making 1899 than you here It quickly becomes clear that the series used a number of revolutionary technologies for the expensive recordings. Most likely, Netflix has realized that the price of 1899 does not make up for the success of the mysterious series. However, for fans, there is still a small ray of hope for a sequel.

Through the link above, you can sign a petition to ensure that 1899 not to be forgotten In any case, Netflix has enough space for recordings in the old military base that the streaming giant wants to turn into a hyper-modern movie studio.

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Netflix cancels one of the biggest hits of 2022 after just one season

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