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Figure skater Kamila Valieva (16) hits the internet with a perfect imitation of the ‘Wednesday dance’ on ice | Show


known video16-year-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva takes to the internet with her near-perfect impersonation of the much-hyped dance scene from the hit series. Wednesdayespecially on ice. The familiar moves weren’t the only thing she aptly imitated. Meanwhile, another athlete even did the dance underwater.

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Complete with inky black hair, pigtails, bangs and her thunder face, Kamila Valieva graced the runway, as did the ‘real’ Wednesday Addams, played by actress Jenna Ortega (20). Valieva didn’t come alone: ​​Like Wednesday, she supposedly had Thing with her, the world’s notorious living hand of the Addams Family. Kamila began her performance off the court, keeping only her hand in view, supposedly with a scar.

Seemingly rising from the dead, he stepped onto the ice, where he skated to three pieces of music. He started with his own moves on the show’s dark opening tune and then did the real ones. Wednesdaydance to the music of the original scene, goo goo muck in the version of Los calambres (1981). She concluded about the sounds with which the dance has recently circulated on the internet, an accelerated version of Lady Gaga’s. bloody mary.

Kamila Valieva looked exactly like Wednesday Addams. © YouTube

After her performance, Valieva kept a straight face and suppressed the urge to smile. After all, on Wednesday she wouldn’t do that either. Big news in her own country and now internationally as well, Kamila’s freestyle was a demonstration performance. She gave it up after last week’s Russian championship, where she had just won silver. While other figure skaters ‘recycled’ previous performances, Valieva’s show was according to sport-express Brand new.

Watch the original dance, read below:

actress had crown

Wednesday, according to Netflix one of the most successful series in the history of the platform, has become a phenomenon in recent weeks. The highlight is the dance scene from the fourth episode. Jenna Ortega’s zombie movements make up one of the best television moments of the year, the Los Angeles Times. Videos of the scene have been viewed tens of millions of times online, as have countless videos of people imitating the choreography on TikTok. Lady Gaga was also involved, as was underwater dancer Kristina Makushenko:

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The scene recently took on a bad taste when it turned out that it was literally ‘viral’ as well, as many showbiz websites joked. Ortega had a corona during the recordings and showed strong symptoms, but he still went to the set to wait for the test result. The filmmakers assured that after the positive test everything went according to the rules, but critics considered it irresponsible.

Ortega came up with the choreography himself. “I’m not a dancer and I’m sure that’s pretty clear,” he said. “I received the song a week in advance and did what I could with it.”

The series, directed by Tim Burton, received four stars from this site. The song broadcast numbers from the dance scene, goo goo muckare according to Billboard increased by several thousand percent since the launch of the program. It was also noted for special marketing, for example at the airport:

Kamila Valieva was in the news earlier this year due to a doping issue. One day after winning the Nations Cup with Russia at the Beijing Winter Games, it emerged that she had tested positive for a banned substance a few months before the games. After an emergency session, she too was allowed to compete in the individual tournament pending the investigation. Overwhelmed by nerves, the favorite finished in fourth position.

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