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Immerse yourself in the world of the ‘Ted Lasso’ Fan Podcast

The third season of ted lasso it has only just begun and there is already much to discuss. This is also frequently done by countless fans.

This time, we’re not going to take a closer look at a podcast, but rather at some “fancasts” to see how profound the impact of this Apple TV+ show really is.

Ted Lasso is Life: The Podcast

Ted Lasso is Life: The Podcast It is the first fancast that we will find. The podcast began in the gap between the second and third seasons.

In addition to discussing the episodes, this podcast also has interviews with people behind the scenes of the show. Editor AJ Catoline, production designer Paul Cripps and Chip Hamilton, Jason Sudeikis’s assistant, have their say.

the later talk

In Ted Lasso: after the game Vinny and Aiden discuss the latest episode of the show every week. This podcast may be the youngest we’ve come across this week.

You can get over it in just two episodes. Fortunately, a new episode is added every week.

The lessons of Ted Lasso

In addition to countless podcasts that unravel the series episode after episode, there are also podcasts that delve into the lessons of the series.

In What would Ted Lasso do? becomes the philosophy of ted lesso discussed. This is, of course, the statements of the characters. That’s one of those most important lessons “Be Curious Not Judgmental”; a well-known spell from Coach Lasso (Jason Sudeikis).

Coach Beard’s Book Club

Ted Lasso lives among the fans, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, in the world of podcasts, sometimes there are podcasts that suddenly stop for whatever reason.

Fortunately, there are also creators who are aware and want to record a new episode every week.

In Coach Beard’s Book Club four women go into the books that are in ted lasso can be seen.

This is how they read, among other things johnny tremainby writer Esther Forbes, who is mentioned in the season 2 episode Without weddings and a funeral.

In the ninth episode of season 1, all apologiesbecomes the book One flew over the cuckoo’s nest mentioned, by writer Ken Kesey.

Ted refers to the character Chief when talking about Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt). Beard sees himself as Taber, a somewhat more rebellious character.

The world of ted lasso is turned upside down every day by countless fans, searching for the latest clues as to how the series will end, what will become of the characters, and whether Richmond will emerge victorious.

Every week there are new episodes, or even new podcasts about Ted Lasso and the “Lasso universe.” This is just a small selection of those countless passion projects, but for Ted Lasso fans, they are definitely worth your time!

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