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A Knives Out Mystery You Missed

Most likely you are Crystal Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Already seen. But if you’ve also noticed these cool details in the Netflix hit, we dare to doubt. From obscure references to a popular video game that reveals the story from the beginning. Spoiler alert!

Is the sequel better than the original? At least, according to the numbers. glass onion it currently ranks tenth in the most viewed Netflix movies in the month of release. The excellent chemistry between all the stars in the cast must have something to do with it. The sequel to knives out It is therefore a story of false friends, made by true companions.

And the passion project of Star Warsdirector Rian Johnson can still invent a lot of places. After a brief round at the theater, the film didn’t appear on the streaming platform until December 23. But let’s get to the order of the day.

Cool details in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

In glass onion hides a treasure chest of cool details. We have listed the most interesting facts and facts about the Netflix movie for you. Starting with the title.

Glass Onion takes its name from The Beatles

glass onion is a reference to the song of the same name by The Beatles, one of Rian Johnson’s favorite bands. According to the director, the solution of the murder mystery is visible from the very beginning in different layers of the story. As if the plot were a glass onion whose translucent layers reveal the core of the truth.

Furthermore, the Beatles’ song itself is an enigmatic explanation of the band’s mythical origins. Still, Johnson found it by chance.

“I will be very honest. I literally grabbed my iPhone and searched my music library for the word glass. Surely there must be good songs about glass. I was like, is this a crystal fortress? Is it a glass castle? Is he a glass man? The first thing that came to mind, being a huge Beatles fan, was glass onion“, saying told Netflix.

The title of the first film also comes from the musical world. knives out It is also the name of a record, specifically by Radiohead.

Daniel Craig’s Another James Bond Buddy

Daniel Craig has taken on the role of Benoit Blanc for the second time in a row. And for the second time in a row he shares a screen with a colleague he still knows from his days as James Bond. In knives out plays like a charm with Ana De Armas, the Spanish beauty who was also a Bond girl in no time to die. And in glass onion should just as in Spectrum deal with Dave Bautista.

Hopefully this time he didn’t break the pro wrestler’s nose.

hidden art references

There are plenty of good art references to be found at glass onion.

mark rothko

First of all, a painting of mark rothkowho often appears in the center of the screen, but is hanging upside down to indicate how little billionaire Miles Bron really knows about art.

Fight Club

And did you see this coat of paint hanging?

crystal onion, netflix
(Picture: Netflix) (Picture: Netflix)

In Crystal Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Billionaire Miles Bron is played by Edward Norton, who formed the star duo of Fight Club. In the painting above, Norton’s face has been plastered onto Pitt’s body as a clear nod to the cult film (which is not seen on Netflix, but rather on Disney+).

michel basquiat

In the same room also hangs the same painting by Michel Basquiat which, not coincidentally, has recently been used for a the fortune was sold to an anonymous buyer (alluding to Miles Bron).

michel basquiat
Spot by Michel Basquiat (Picture: Netflix)

Jacques-Louis David

One more to unlearn. When the main character of Crystal Onion: A Knives Out MysteryBenoit Blanc, submerged in a bathtub with his laptop, the bathroom’s wide shot shows the same composition as Jacques Louis-David’s “The Death of Marat” from 1793. In this painting, Jean-Paul Marat, a French revolutionary and philosopher, depicted murdered in his bathtub, with his arm over the edge of the bathtub.

crystal onion, netflix

Marat holds a note from his killer, a woman who tricked him after asking for his help uncovering a conspiracy. This reference is intentionally misleading; as it suggests that Blanc may be a target or victim of the person giving her the invitation (who later turns out to be Helen, who is completely innocent).

Among us

In that same bathtub, Blanc plays the popular game of confinement. Among us in which the players have to decide among themselves who is the ‘impostor‘ is. Ironically, the Netflix detective doesn’t give it much thought and his friends immediately guess that he is the impostor. But later in the story, he manages to help Helen by pretending to be her sister. So an ‘impostor’.

Daniel Craig’s multiplayer friends also include Hollywood composer and screenwriter Steven Sondheim and actress Angela Lansbury. Lansbury was the star of the old but golden detective series. Murder, she wrote and Sondheim has Sheila’s Last conceives, a film about a group of friends who are invited by a billionaire to solve a fictional mystery. Recognizable?

Maltese Falcon Crystal (1941)

One of the exhibits in Crystal Onion: A Knives Out Mystery It is a glass (or crystal) version of the falcon figure from the classic maltese falcon (1941), a genre-defining film noir met Humphrey Bogart as a detective.

Glass Onion A Knives Out Mystery, maltese falcon, details
A piece of film history for advanced (Picture: Netflix)

Very expensive yacht piloted by a real captain (and for rent)

The yacht, whose real name is Aquarius, is piloted in the film by the actual captain and is available for charter. $228,000 per week.

jacht, aquarium, glass onion, details
(Image: Ocean Independence)

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9 Details In Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery You Missed

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