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Synopsis for ‘The First Responders’ Highly Rated ‘Mystery’ Drama

Especially for fans of South Korean dramas.genre From crime to mystery, you must be familiar with solving cases between the police and various professions such as a team of forensic experts, prosecutors, lawyers, profiler as well as others.

But have the beauties seen the cooperation of the police and firefighters? What if the two of them join forces and solve the case together? Beauties can see it in dramas First Defendants.

First Defendants a drama in itself between a detective and a firefighter who solve cases together. After airing more than 5 episodes, this drama was able to score rating up to 91%!

The First Responders main poster / Photo:

The First Responders main poster/ Photo:

Drama with a literal title Police station next to the fire station it presents the decision of the case carried out by the police and the fire department.

Kim Rae Won in the frame / photo:

Kim Rae Won in action. Photo:

Jin Ho Gae (Kim Rae Won) is a detective who knows how to work very well, but he is not the kind of person who is friendly in dealing with people.

Despite this, Huo Ge always solves cases with his amazing skills and is able to understand what happened in TKP (Case Scene), read the minds of criminals, and has a strong desire to win something.

Still Cut Son Ho Jun / Photo:

Still Cut Son Ho Jun/ Photo:

Meanwhile, Bong Do Jin (Son Ho Joon) works as a firefighter. He really likes his work. Bong Do Jin comes across as a rather cold person, although Do Jin is the type of person who is very kind to the people around him, and he takes good care of the victim and can rush to a place without caring for them. anything.

Song Sol (Gong Seung Yeon) works as a paramedic and has a very kind heart.

Still Cut Gong Seung Yeon / Photo:

Still Cut Gong Seung Yeon/ Photo:

This drama is getting more and more interesting, not only because it presents an interesting story of solving cases between the police and the fire department, but also because of the quality of the main characters. Kim Rae Won himself is an actor who often appears in famous films as well as dramas such as LUCA: The Beginning as well as Doctors.

Song Ho Joon himself made his debut in the famous drama. Reply 1994 and starred in other dramas such as Come Back Couple and Was it love. Gong Seung Yeon has acted in dramas. Bulgasal: Immortal souls, are you humans? as well as Circle: Two connected worlds.

Kim Rae Won in the frame / photo:

Kim Rae Won in action. Photo:

The producer and writer of The First Responders is an expert in his field. This drama is being produced by Shin Kyung Soo, who once produced it. Joseon Exorcist, Nokdu Flower as well as Oh Mysterious.

While the screenwriter is Min Ji Eun, who wrote one of the dramas.genre notorious criminal Partners for Justice and Partists for Justice Season 2. This certainly makes anyone who wants to watch this drama have no doubts about its quality.

Still Cut Song Ho Jun and Gong Seung Yeon / Photo:

Still Cut Son Ho Jun and Gong Seung Yeon/ Photo:


The First Responders program itself airs every Friday and Saturday and replaces the show. One dollar lawyer. Uniquely, this drama has even finished filming its second season, which will air in 2023.

If the beauties are interested in watching this drama, you can watch it on Platform Disney+ official, yes!

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