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These 3 Highly Rated Korean Dramas Are Under Criticism Over Their ‘Controversial’ Age Gap

How many of you like to watch Korean dramas? Apart from interesting plots and extraordinary acting, Korean drama marathons can also be one of the most enjoyable entertainment, yes.

Out of many Korean Dramas Grab Extraordinary Ratings some of which drew criticism as they were considered demonstrative. controversial age difference, beauties. What do you want to say? Check out the following reviews, good!

Twenty five Twenty one (2022)

Drakor Twenty Five Twenty One / Photo:
Drakor Twenty Five Twenty One / Photo:

Featuring an emotional love story and a nostalgic backdrop from the 90s, twenty five twenty one managed to make many viewers feel emotional.

Due to its success, this drama was criticized due to the age difference of its heroine, Beauty. According to pink villa some argue twenty five twenty one romanticizes a love story between a grown man and a teenage girl who is still in high school.

At the beginning of the meeting, the character Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) is still in high school, then the character Baek Yi Jin appears in an adult version, and she is in her 20s. In one episode, 23-year-old Yi Jin confesses his love to 19-year-old Hee Before.

The 4 year age difference also has its pros and cons because Hee Do is considered “too young” compared to Yi Jin. Some parties are uncomfortable looking at it, but some don’t mind.

It is not for nothing that some of them, when shown, can influence other viewers.

Eve (2022)

Become come back So Yea Ji after a long hiatus, Eve’s broadcast is, of course, long-awaited. Moreover, the plot of the plot is interesting with elements makjang managed to arouse viewers’ curiosity for each episode.

Unfortunately, Eva has been criticized for the large age difference between her characters Seo Ye Ji and Park Byung Eun. launch Alk popa netizen made a post in the community online As for the age difference between the two players, where Seo Ye Ji plays Lee Ra El, who is 28 years old, and then Park Byung Hun, who plays Kang Yoon Gyum, who is 41 years old.

The age difference of about 13 years has been criticized and even considered more “problematic” than showing adult scenes in one of the episodes. This play itself is rating about 3% to 4% launch from Nielsen Korea.

Young lady and gentleman (2021)

Drama Korea Young Lady and Gentleman
Drama Korea Young lady and gentleman / Photo:

Since the first episode Young lady and gentleman was criticized by the public because it was thought to present a story that romanticized relationships between adult men and underage women.

In the first episode, there was a meeting between young actress Min Seo and actor Ji Hyun Woo, where they were told that they were 13 and 27 years old respectively.

Not without reason, the public criticized the scene for being described as a “romantic” meeting, but it was considered inappropriate due to the large age difference between them.

Subsequent episodes no longer feature scenes like this, but instead feature figures of women and men who are both adults.

Despite the controversial age difference, Young lady and gentleman success in becoming a Korean drama that constantly earns rating two-digit numbers in almost the entire series, and this is 52.

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