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Dragon Age: Absolution (2022) – Review and Honest Opinion about the series [Netflix]

Has BioWare taken advantage of this opportunity?

Netflix is ​​reaching out to a different gaming universe, offering viewers and gamers a story from the world of BioWare. It’s though Dragon Age: Absolution is this a story that might interest IP fans and new audiences? Read our review.

Over the past few months, we have seen several products from the gaming industry on Netflix. The company has handled series like Castlevania and Resident Evil, but not all of the stories have been top notch…in fact, most of the stories have been trashed by fans of the original games, so I was curious to see how Maigrid Scott would handle it. biovar world. The creator has worked on shows like Star Wars Resistance, Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors or Transformers: Robots Undercover, so she has experience in animation and storytelling, but this time she was in charge of all the design. and … it’s easy to feel that the author is not related to our industry.

Dragon Age: Absolution – Overview [Netflix]. A good RPG needs a team

The peer-reviewed Dragon Age: Absolution is divided into just six episodes. and this is undoubtedly one of the advantages of the production, because you will see all this in one evening – the series last no more than 30 minutes. There’s no time for boredom here, and basically just the introduction to the adventure can be a bit of a drag because we’ve got a literal book introduction of the characters for a good start.

Fairbanks of Dragon Age Inquisition assembles a team for a dangerous mission, and the warrior has the funny Qunari sorceress Quidion on his team, an all-too-fast link between the facts of the dwarf Laclone, the warrior Roland, and the sorceress Hira. The team needs to get to the Tevinter Empire, the oldest human state in Thedas, so the team enlists Miriam’s help. The elf mercenary has been to these places before, she knows very well the location of the rooms in the castle, but her past does not fully convince her of this quest.

It is Miriam and one of the two characters that we meet at the very beginning of the second episode that play a major role in the adventure, because they are … connected. I can’t reveal too much, but their thread is, in fact, the most interesting piece of the puzzle, because it is the ruthless killer who, through his story, shows how cruel and heartless the world in which the action takes place. The creator has done a great job of hosting events, and although “Age of Dragons: Absolution” is not particularly extensive, but viewers have the opportunity to learn about the interesting topic of “property” and the consequences of actions in the world of Dragon Age.

Dragon Age: Absolution (2022) - review and opinion about the series [Netflix].  Has BioWare taken advantage of this opportunity?

There is no shortage of betrayal in the events, but also love – as happens in the reality of Dragon Age, also among people of the same sex. However, it is one of the few topics known from IP that has been presented so accurately by the creators. The series is very loosely connected to the reality of the BioWare universe and basically creates a separate story – fans will notice small references here (such as the aforementioned Fairbanks character, the Qunari race, the Tevinter empire), but I do not feel that my knowledge of the universe has expanded. I am also convinced that Dragon Age: Absolution can be easily read by viewers unfamiliar with the Canadian studio’s games. is currently a slightly missed opportunity to use the BioWare series to introduce the audience to Dragon Age Dreadwolf in an interesting way. I understand the game won’t be out next month, but Cyberpunk: Edgerunners showed how well products from the two industries can work together. I see at least two options for creators here so that in the future, developers can use the series to create their own story, but at least for now this is just a guess – it’s hard to say what BioWare will actually do.

Dragon Age: Absolution – Overview [Netflix]. Heroes of the series are easy to convince

A team of heroes is tasked with stealing a powerful artifact that draws handfuls of blood magic, and although the premise of the story was anticipated by stronger scenes, the atmosphere is still destroyed by the stupid decisions of the heroes and the half-baked decisions of the heroes. out of discussion. Qwydion tries several times to make the audience laugh with their lyrics or behavior, which I honestly didn’t like while watching the show. I also can’t understand why there is such delusional dialogue in the history of the reviewed Dragon Age: Absolution Miriam might be happy to hear about the plan one minute, furious the next, only to change her mind again a second later. The heroes of the series change their minds so often and quickly that for the first time during the production of the Netflix platform, I thought – maybe they just didn’t have enough time? Everything closes in three hours, and as I said, this is a good decision, because there is no time for boredom, but on the other hand, there are ridiculous events that are difficult to close your eyes to.

“Age of Dragons: Absolution” looks nice…although I was hoping for a slightly darker vibe. Especially considering the theme and presentation of the events themselves, because the Red Dog House of Culture chose a very colorful style that is slightly at odds with the events themselves. I am convinced that changing the tone to a darker one and reducing the role of Qwydion will provide a much better experience.

However, I can’t complain about the presentation of the fights themselves, which are beautiful, spectacular, and during the action we can see some techniques that correspond to the reality of the universe. I was particularly impressed by Miriam, who attacks with wild fury and uses a lot of cute tricks. Actually, it’s a pity that there aren’t that many collisions, but I understand that there are only six episodes.

In “Dragon Age: Absolution” the actors deserve attention, who really well introduced the characters. – Kimberly Brooks (Miriam) has been working on games and animation for many years, and players could hear her in the Mass Effect series (Ashley Williams). Matthew Mercer (Fairbanks, Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 6), Ashly Burch (Quidion, Aloy in Horizon, Tiny Tina in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, Rachel in Mythic Quest), Sumalee Montano (Hira, Morgan Yu in “Production”). , President in Saints Row IV) or Phil LaMarr (Kotal Kahn in Mortal Kombat 11, Vamp in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots) are seasoned voice actors with years of experience in the industry who once again did the job and really enjoyed their audition. .. it’s a pity that the script itself is not good enough to give each of the characters the right place.

Dragon Age: Absolution – Overview [Netflix]. Typical average guy

More titles from game worlds will be added to the Netflix platform in the coming months, and while I hope many of them will be better than those reviewed “Age of Dragons: Absolution” At the same time, I know one thing – there will be stories and worse. There is little BioWare here, the script is not the strongest point of the proposal, but I actually had a good evening with this story. My expectations were modest so I didn’t feel disappointed and I understand that it could have been a lot worse.

The big plus of “Dragon Age: Absolution” is the action itself, because it’s really hard to get bored here. The adventure ends quickly, and at least one turn turned out to be really successful. I especially liked the ending, which shows that the production had a lot of potential, which, however, was not used by the creators and BioWare itself.

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