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‘The Five Juanas’ Recap: Latest Netflix Series

Romero's back with another hit

After Bernardo Romero’s hit soap opera ‘Las Juanas‘, her daughter Jimena Romero is back with the re-imagination of it. It’s titled as ‘La venganza de las Juanas‘ in Spanish and ‘The Five Juanas‘ in English. This latest series is premiering on Oct 6, 2021 on Netflix.

The story backtracks to what Bernardo Romero portrayed in his telenovela. In Las Junas, Juana Valentina (older of the Juanas sisters), Calixto (his illegitimate father) and his son Rubén together finds the rest of the Juanas sisters and live happily under the same roof.

But in ‘The Five Juanas’, five sisters accidentally spot each other’s tattoo, a mustard colored spot in the shape of a fish which is same just like their father’s and together they set to unravel the mystery behind it.

Juanas Tattoo. Image Credits: Netflix
Juanas Tattoo. Image Credits: Netflix

Similarity between newly released Netflix series and the old fashioned series is that both have five sisters with same name and same tattoos. All five are strangers to each other and only Juana Valentina (older among them) knows her true father.

Juanas real father don’t know if he has five daughters. He is happily living with his wife and a son. After Juanas reunite and find him, he wants nothing to do with them. He uses his power and money to suppress them. Juanas being tough, taught him lesson of his life.

This new series is more inclined on political aspects. This is more interesting and fun to watch.

Juanas Sisters Real Dad. Image Credits: Netflix
Juanas Sisters Real Dad. Image Credits: Netflix

Meet all the Juanas Sisters.

Juana Valentina Echenique is the oldest of the Juanas. She is beautiful, active young woman who lives with her mother Rosaura and a family friend named Teresalsura in Barranquilla (City in Columbia). She earns her living by skillfully managing a home appliance store that has always been the family business.

Juana Caridad Galante: Originally from Planeta Rica, daughter of Consolación who died when she was only 12 years old. In age, she is the second of the Juanas. Consolación was the assistant to the priest of Planeta Rica, so when he died, Juana Caridad grew up under the priest’s care and many in town thought she was his daughter. Juana Caridad was raised in a convent and somewhat isolated so she is the shyest and most insecure of the Juanas. She has never seen herself naked, is afraid of men and cries easily. On the other hand, she is a good money manager, likes to read a lot and is a faithful follower of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.

Juana Manny Cruz : Originally from Sahagún, daughter of Margarita. In age, she is the third of the Juanas. She is the only one who has her mother alive and with her. She graduated by correspondence in esthetics and with her mother has a beauty salon where they both work. However, in her spare time, Juana Manny trains and practices boxing because she wants to be a world champion in women’s boxing. She is the most aggressive of the Juanas and does not mince her words.

Juanas Sisters- Juanita Arias, Sofia Engberg, Oka Giner, Renata Notni, Zuria Vega. Image Credits: Netflix
Juanas Sisters- Juanita Arias, Sofia Engberg, Oka Giner, Renata Notni, Zuria Vega. Image Credits: Netflix

Juana Bautista Cordero: Originally from Carmen de Bolivar, daughter of Remedios who died years ago. In age, she is the fourth of the Juanas. She is a very analytical young woman, her passion is painting. She especially masters cartomancy and palmistry. She will become Juana Valentina’s best friend throughout the story and will be the only one of the sisters who will know the love of Juana Valentina and Rubén.

Juana Matilde Estañíz: Originally from Santa Marta, daughter of Ana Linda who left her in the care of her uncle years ago to go work abroad. Juana Matilde is cheerful and carefree, works as a singer, wants to become famous one day and has a musical group with which she tours the Colombian Caribbean. She is the youngest of the Juanas and quite absent-minded one.

Watch ‘The Five Juanas’, Latest Netflix Series here.

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