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7 Melancholy Romantic Japanese Dramas, The Last First Love

The Japanese entertainment industry isn’t just about horror films and anime. There are also a number of dramas or series Japanese drama which cannot be missed.

If you like the romantic melodrama genre, here are some recommendations for romantic Japanese dramas. This Japanese drama is a sentimental story that can make you feel emotional and even cry.

To summarize from various sources, the following melancholy romantic Japanese dramas can be watched through legal streaming services such as Netflix, iQIYI, Viu, and more.

1. First love (2022)


First love (2022)
Recommended melancholy romantic Japanese drama First Love (Photo: Netflix Studios via Imdb)

First Love is a drama series by Yuri Kanchiku about the first love of Yae Noguchi (Hikari Mitsushima) and Harumichi Namiki (Takeru Sato).

Noguchi and Namiki first met when they were still schoolboys in the 90s. These two fell in love with each other at first sight.

Long separated and living their own lives, after a few years, Noguchi and Namiki met again, and even the two of them told a lot to each other.

2. Quiet (2022)

Silent drama series directed by Hiroki Kazama. It is said that Tsumugi Aoba (Haruna Kawaguchi) once dated Sō Sakura (Ren Meguro).

They are both attracted to each other because they are equally interested in the world of music. Unfortunately, Seo ends his relationship with Aoba for no apparent reason.

One day, Aoba meets So again. But this time the state was different, because. Seo suffered from hearing loss.

3. Good flight! (2022)


Good flight! (2022)
Recommended Romantic Japanese Drama Good Flight! (Photo: TV Asahi)

Directed by Tadaaki Horai and Kento Kiuchi, Nice Flight! begins the story of a pilot named Sui Kurata (Yuta Tamamori).

Sui receives her first flight mission in bad weather. But Sui managed to land perfectly at Haneda Airport thanks to the help of Mayu Shibuya (Anne Nakamura).

Mayu is a female air traffic controller who always communicates with pilots. Even though they haven’t met in person, Sui is fascinated by Mayu’s voice when she gives directions to air traffic.

4. Koisenu Futari (2022)

We recommend watching this romantic Japanese drama “Koisen Futari” or another title “A couple without falling in love” directed by Shohei Doi and his friends.

Sakuko Kodama (Kishii Yukino) is under pressure from her parents to get married soon. One day she meets Takahashi Satoru (Takahashi Issei).

Takahashi, who works at the supermarket, has a different take on the meaning of love. Feeling like she’s on a mission with Takahashi, Sakuko decides to live with him.

5. Takahashi-kun from the bike shop (2022)

Takahashi-kun “From the Bicycle Shop” directed by Isamu Ota begins the story of a 30-year-old woman named Hanno Tomoko (Ryo Uchida).

Every day, Tomoko is only busy with work and has a shy personality, so she doesn’t get along well and even falls in love with someone.

However, all that seemed to change after Tomoko met Takahashi Ryohei (Suzuki Nobuyuki), a bicycle mechanic who won Tomoko’s heart.

6. Prism (2022)


Prism (2022)
Recommended Romantic Japanese Drama Prism (Photo: KBS2)

In the romantic drama series Prism, directed by Nishitani Shinichi Maejima, Satsuki (Sugisaki Hana) is portrayed as a woman who works part-time at a garden center in Tokyo.

He is known to not take things seriously, including romantic relationships. One day, Satsuki meets Morishita Riku (Fujiwara Kisetsu) and is interested in his terrarium.

They are both very close and dating. However, there was a moment when Riku was shocked by the presence of Shiraishi Yuma (Moriyama Mirai).

7. Watashi no Shite Kurenai Feromone (2022)

The pheromone series Watashi no Shite Kurenai directed by Daiki Hamano has another title, My Pheromone Boy Who Won’t Give Me.

This romantic Japanese drama is about Rei Mizukawa (Haruka Shimazaki), a businesswoman in a relationship with Shuto Arima (Keisuke Watanabe).

Although they both fell in love with each other, Rei felt that Shuto never wanted to kiss her. This made Rei very interested in Shuto’s true cause.

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