Soorarai Pottru Trailer Out: Suriya’s Promise of Aviation-Based Action Drama

The Tamil film is an offshoot of real-life Air Deccan’s birth and its founder, G.R. Gopinath’s life.

Much-awaited trailer of Suriya’s Soorarai Pottru was released today. The film’s set to release through Amazon Prime on 12 November 2020, two days before Diwali.  

Suriya’s 38th Film

Soorarai Pottru was directed by Sudha Kongara and produced by Suriya and Guneet Monga, under their respective banners 2D Entertainment and Sikhya Entertainment. The story was conceptualized and written by Kongara. It is Suriya’s 38th film as the hero.

The theatrical release of the film was postponed several times due to post-production delays and the COVID-19 pandemic. Soorarai Pottru is scheduled to be released simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu, with a dubbed Kannada version.


“Soorarai Pottru” translates to Praise the Brave in English. As the title suggests, the film involves the exhibition of will, courage and bravery of a man, who rebels with the corrupt world to fulfill his dream. The film is a fictitious representation of the Autobiography of G.R Gopinath, founder of Air Deccan.


The film stars Suriya and Aparna Balamurali, with Mohan Babu, Urvashi and Karunas as lead supporting roles. Paresh Rawal stars as the antagonist of the film, making his Tamil debut.

Autobiographical Spinoff

As said, the life of G.R. Gopinath and his dream venture Air Deccan, forms the platforms for the film. Gopinath wished to provide the till-then unaffordable air travel, to the lower middle class and working class population as well. He formulated a low-cost operation and maintenance strategy, which sparked off a revolution in the commercial aviation industry.

His wish was to see not only the business-class and upper-middle class passengers in air travel, but also the auto-rickshaw drivers, factory workers and other ordinary working classes too to enjoy the benefits and comforts of air travel.

How much has the movie replicated the life and efforts of Gopinath? That is a question which needs to wait, even though the trailer provides several instances of touch-and-go with the real-life story.

G R Gopinath
G R Gopinath

Suriya’s Words on Occasional Delays

Soorarai Pottru was set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on October 30. However, Suriya released a statement on why the producers were forced to postpone the release.

“As you all know Soorarai Pottru is a story set in the aviation industry, so we had to deal with numerous procedures and permissions, because it’s a matter of national security and we were dealing with real Indian Airforce aircrafts and security. A few new NOCs are still pending for approval and we understand the wait is inevitable as this adverse time is demanding more and more focus on the nation and its priorities, than anything else!” Suriya said in the statement.

What to Expect

As the trailer shows, the film is based on a man’s desire to see common people using airlines. Suriya plays the role of Nedumaaran Rajangam, fondly called Maara. Maara’s wish becomes a tough task to execute as the corrupt airline industry and politicians.

Paresh Rawal, as the antagonist, finds Maara’s desire to be destructive to the corrupt setup that all of them are part of. Maara finds his emotional support in Bommi (Aparna Balamurali) and his mother (Urvashi).

After the initial rejections for his venture from all sides, he finds a gradual support from the whole lot, for whose welfare he is fighting for. How Maara tackles all the odds and pulls out his venture “Air Deccan” forms the rest of the story.

Suriya as Maaran
Suriya as Maara


Action-packed, as evident in the trailer, Soorarai Pottru is an attempt to represent the revolutionary attempt of a man, whose sheer will and bravery, remained unmoved amidst struggles. Suriya’s manhood and heroic actions, would definitely be highlighted with pulsating sound effects, much to the expectations of fans.

Amidst the line-up of Diwali films, including Mookuthi Amman (see: Nayanthara and RJ Balaji’s Mookuthi Amman: Trailer Promises to be a Satire on Godmen), the success of Soorarai Pottru would depend on how much the movie accommodates more than just hero vs villain cliché fight. The trailer, in that sense, presents high hopes of an all-round entertainer.



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