7 must-watch action movies from 2022 on Netflix, from The Gray Man to Lou

Netflix released a number of films in the action genre (action) this year. Some of them movie action 2022 is a must watch because it’s an interesting story.

Not only that, the action in these films is also breathtaking thanks to the impressive cinematography. In addition, several films also feature leading Hollywood stars and popular South Korean figures.

Here are seven action movies released on Netflix this year.

1. Gray man

Gray Man (2022)
2022 must-watch Netflix action movies, one of which is The Gray Man (Photo: Doc. AGBO/Netflix/Roth Film via IMDb)

The Gray Man tells the story of the escape of Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling), an undercover CIA agent who is now wanted by the agency because he accidentally leaked CIA assets.

The CIA then recruits Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), another ex-agent who has been fired, to arrest Cort, who is later identified as the Gray Man.

2. Siege of Silverton

Movie action This 2022 Netflix is ​​based on the true story of a trio of rebels, Silverton Siege, who failed to sabotage a mission so they took refuge in a bank in South Africa in the 1980s.

They also took bank employees hostage and demanded the release of Nelson Mandela. The threat is that if the demands are not met, the lives of bank employees will be at stake.

3 Lost Bullet 2

Movie action This 2022 French film tells the story of a revenge mission for Lino (Alban Lenoir), a mechanic who is accused by corrupt police of colluding with the mafia. Lino forms a new drug gang to catch a corrupt cop.

Revenge is carried out not only in order to clear his name, but also in order to avenge the death of his brother and mentor. Lino is assisted by another cop named Julia (Stephi Selma).

4. Kopshop

Movie Kopshop
2022 Netflix must-watch action movies, one of which is “Copshop” (Photo: Sculptor Media Archive via IMDb)

Copshop tells the story of a conspiracy to kill a con man named Teddy Murretto (Frank Grillio) with an assassin named Bob Widdick (Gerard Butler).

Muretto tried to escape by getting into a car accident and ended up in jail. However, Widdik apparently found out about this trick, so he joined in the trouble and was safely thrown into prison.

However, it seems that Widdick’s moves can’t be as smooth as another hitman named Anthony Lamb (Toby Huss) appears, and a young cop named Valeria Young (Alexis Lauder) is involved.

5. Pirates

This South Korean film tells the story of a group of pirates led by Hae Ran (Han Hye Joo) who defeated bandits led by Mu Chi (Kang Ha Neul) in the middle of the sea in 1388.

At first they oppose each other, but eventually they are able to fight the pirates from Japan together. Afterwards, they devise a strategy to find the treasure believed to be on General Goryeo’s ship.

6. Day shift

Day Shift is an action comedy about a father named Bud Jablonsky (Jamie Foxx) who works as a pool cleaner every day to provide for his daughter.

However, it turns out that Bud is moonlighting as a vampire slayer in order to sell his fangs. Once upon a time, he had to get fangs from a vampire who wanted to avenge the death of a vampire friend killed by Bud.

7. Lou

Lou is a movie action thriller about a mysterious woman who lives alone named Lou (Allison Janney). One day, her neighbor Hannah Dawson (Jernie Smollett) asks Lou for help because her child has been kidnapped.

They also try to find Dawson’s baby in the middle of a massive storm that hits the city. In the midst of the search, Lou’s dark history begins to unfold, though he is always trying to bury his past.

These are seven 2022 Netflix action movies worth watching. Happy viewing!

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