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7 Cool Details In The Last of Us You Must Have Missed Anyway

we have the latest The last of us fortunately it has not been seen for a long time. However, there were enough hidden Easter eggs in the early episodes of the HBO Max series to be fodder for discussion. Here are seven cool details you must have missed.

The last of us It is without a doubt the best film adaptation of video games that has ever been made. Although, given the tragic cinematic history of great video games, that’s not really an achievement in and of itself. fans of Street Fighter better not look this IMDb score.

Thankfully, the show’s chefs have been smart enough not to make soup out of the time-tested recipe on which the HBO Max hit is based. The original is considered one of the best video games of all time for a reason. But are you sure you have all the ingredients? The last of us have tried?

Cool details in The Last of Us

First, an easily digestible starter, heated up in HBO Max’s own kitchen.

game of Thrones

Pedro Pascal competed with twelve other Hollywood stars for the coveted lead role of Joel Miller. But maybe Keanu and his friends didn’t dare to fight. game of ThronesPascal’s friend, Bella Ramsey (Ellie in The last of us). Both actors played admirably in the popular fantasy franchise. Bella Ramsey as the ill-tempered Lady Lyanna Mormont and Pedro Pascal as the hapless Prince Oberyn Martell.

the last of us, cool details, hbo max, pedro pascal, bella ramsey
Bella Ramsey as Pedro Pascal in Game of Thrones (Image: HBO Max)

And now it’s the turn of advanced connoisseurs of the HBO Max series.

clicker sounds

The terrifying noises of clickers (also known as zombies in The last of us) look a lot like the ones in the video game.

Probably because the same voice actors from the game are responsible for the screaming. And there are still old acquaintances who make their appearance in the series.

Recognizable voices from the game.

Four actors have been promoted from the game studios of naughty dog to the HBO Max movie studios. Merle Dandridge reprises her role from the video games as Marlene. Ashley Johnson, Ellie in both games, will play the new character Anna in the series. Troy Baker, who originally voiced Joel Miller, will play James, a minor character who was in the original game. And Jeffrey Pierce, Joel’s brother Tommy in the games, plays the new character Perry in the TV version of The last of us.

the last of us, cool details, merle dandridge, hbo max, pedro pascal, bella ramsey
Find the difference: Merle Dandridge in The Last of Us (Images: Naughty Dog/HBO Max))

In the first and second episode we only see Merle Dandridge.

zombie tower

Halican Drops is the name of the fictional band featured on the T-shirt worn by Joel’s daughter Sarah at the beginning of the show and the game.

the last of us, cool details, zombie tour, hbo max, pedro pascal, bella ramsey
The spoiler shirt (Image: HBO Max)
the last of us, details, unseen, gam, series, hbo max
Naughty Dog / HBO Max

The sash has no real meaning, except that the back of the garment foretells how the game will unfold. Each stop on the tour is a different place that Ellie and Joel will visit on their journey.

Game Ban Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal

Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, on the other hand, were not allowed to touch either game by the producers. Ramsey, in her own words, dutifully followed the rule. But Pedro Pascal ignored the prohibition. Even if the rookie apparently using some extra PlayStation on his fingers.

“I tried The last of us to play, but I didn’t make it at all,” said the actor cabling. “But it was important to me to find commonalities that were directly related to what was originally in the games: physically, visually, and vocally.”

Swimming in the self-mockery

In the second episode, a playful reference is made to one of those interfaces. In the first game, it was a recurring annoyance for many players that Ellie couldn’t swim. Like Joel, you always had to find routes along which the teenager could stay dry. Very annoying.

the last of us, hbo max, cool details
(Image: HBO Max)

strangely bites The last of us in the second episode the dragon with that damn game mechanic by taking Ellie to the water. Without Joel’s help.

mirror images

In any case, Pascal could see where the mustard had come from. Several scenes in the first and second episodes of the HBO Max series are near-exact recreations of the game.

See the parallels between scenes from the film adaptation and the cut scenes In the game.

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7 Cool Details In The Last of Us You Must Have Missed Anyway

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