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Director: Monique Nolte| Script: Monique Nolte | Cast:[/i] Kees Momma, Willem Momma, Henriëtte Momma, Jasper Momma, Ellen Leteijn, Ghislaine Esselaar, etc. [b]Time to play: 105 minutes | Year: 2023

In 1998 Monique Nolte gave away with her documentary trainman A glimpse into the life of Kees Momma, a man with autism who never left his parents’ home. In 2014 he came up with the sequel. The best for Keith. Nine years later, Nolte arrives with a third documentary, Kees flies out. An optimistic title, perhaps too optimistic. Because flying is very complicated.

After complete All the best to Keith he has continued to follow Nolte Kees and has collected enough material over the last nine years to fill another 105 minutes with his daily problems. She did not let him out of her sight and Kees, on the contrary, kept her informed about her life, as can be seen from the messages that he reads to her in the voice-over.

Their struggles seem to have increased in recent years. Kees has misophonia and can’t handle sounds like humming, banging, or slurping. He is extremely worried about climate change, every hot day makes him panic. A sentiment that Nolte emphasizes with dramatic images of melting icebergs and a blazing sun against a clear blue sky.

But the biggest change has occurred inside. Her parents, both in their nineties, are deteriorating. In preparation for what will inevitably happen one day, she bought Kees a house. Kees flies out he jumps back in time to record the process of getting used to his own place to live, and thus being separated from his parents. Kees is in his mid-fifties, but experiences what a teenager usually goes through.

Kees speaks her mind and also determines what is shown and what is not. He can perfectly explain how he feels and why he feels that way. Either genuine enthusiasm or fear of suicidal tendencies. He often allows the camera to record his worries, but he also says it when he’s done and the camera crew has to get over it. He has also determined that his father shouldn’t talk too much, because he often says things that Kees doesn’t like. The director respectfully complied.

Living alone brings feelings of depression and loneliness. Step by step, Kees tries to get used to his own “housing apartment”, but it’s not easy. In the process he also looks for a replacement for his parents, particularly his mother. Maybe a volunteer? Or his brother and his partner? Kees is on the brink of despair, and meanwhile, curses when things don’t turn out the way he thinks they should.

Nolte has known Kees flies out once again a moving, but also heartbreaking portrait of an honest person. Someone who constantly mirrors himself and also gets in his way. The documentary is a bit long and is repeated regularly. But hey, Kees too.

Kees flies out can be seen in videoland.

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