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Black Mirror star is the new favorite James Bond

Are you the new James Bond? If you believe the British bookies and tabloids, pretty much anyone can be a candidate. After Black Mirror there is a new favorite.

Now that Daniel Craig has said goodbye to the iconic role after five movies, it’s time for a fresh start. Although the producers of the spy franchise have made it clear that they haven’t even begun looking for a successor, juice outlets and bookmakers are already floundering in the race to find the main contender.

Who will be the next James Bond?

If the equally infamous and famous French juice channel Deuxmoi is to be believed, then Aaron Taylor-Johnson has already been cast as the new James Bond. According to the gossip channel, producer Barbara Broccoli was impressed by the Bullet train-star. In fact, according to the Instagram account, an announcement can be made at any time.

Take that news with a grain of salt, especially given the comments from the Bond producers. Everything indicates that the unveiling of the next James Bond could take another year or even more. Meanwhile, virtually every male star of a new hit series or movie is an instant winner with the bookies. We saw that effect again last week, this time thanks to black mirror.

paapa essiedu london gangs james bond
Paapa Essiedu in Gangs of London (Image: ITV)

The favorite of the stars of Black Mirror

After four years, a new season of the anthology series has finally arrived on Netflix this year. that was it i can destroy youstar Paapa Essiedu is one of the highlights, with her surprisingly strong role in episode six, ‘The Waldo Moment’.

The 33-year-old Briton is the perfect candidate for Bond in the role: he’s young enough, but not too young, classically trained as a Shakespearean actor and, not unimportantly, has the looks.

What about Henry Cavill?

Also, Henry Cavill, who topped the bookmakers’ list of champions in recent weeks, is probably too old for the role at 40. Producer Michael G. Wilson recently indicated that they are looking for a thirty-something they can date for a long time. Exactly: someone like Essiedu.

Combine all of this, and you have the explanation for what happened last week: Paapa Essiedu is now number one in the bookmaker rankings for the coveted role. Cavill thus headed the list after his schedule became increasingly empty with his farewell to both The Wizard like DC, but in his case his age is still a great success.

henry cavill, new james bond, 007
henry cavill (Image: ANP)

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Also, you have to wonder if Cavill isn’t too well known. The last time he nearly beat Craig in the battle for the role, for Royal Casino, was not yet the familiar face that he has become thanks to Superman and The Witcher. Good news for Essiedu. At least on paper. These types of lists are still an entertaining but rather useless pastime. Ultimately, the producers will have their own plan, like when Daniel Craig came out as a total surprise. And look how he turned out!

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