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Is “The Witcher: Origin of Blood” a new low for Netflix?

The controversy surrounding the departure of Henry Cavill or not: a new prequel Witcher was panned by fans and critics alike. Origin of blood a record low for a Netflix franchise.

On Christmas Day, you were probably busy preparing Christmas dinner or hanging out with family and/or friends. You could also use Netflix because this streaming service has been on since December 25th. The Witcher: Origin of Blood broadcast. However, Rotten Tomatoes shows you could stay in the kitchen.

The Witcher: Origin of Blood

This is the first of several live-action spin-offs that have been announced. Last year we were already waiting for an animated spin-off in the form of a movie wolf nightmare. Adventure with a good rating. Not Oscar material, but very interesting for fans.

Unfortunately, we cannot conclude the same about this. Origin of blood. The prequel is not well received by both fans and critics. Set 1200 years before the adventures of Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri, the series tells the story of the very first Witcher. Not an unnecessary side adventure. Therefore, many fans were looking forward to the spin-off.

Critics rave about Rotten Tomatoes

Until the first reviews appeared in recent weeks. The critics weren’t happy about it at all. The Witcher: Origin of Blood. Diversity makes a painfully apt comparison to video games:Origin of blood is for a TV show what would be a cheesy and flabby DLC for hugely popular video games. Only relevant for finalizers.”

In other words, players who want to see/play everything, no matter the quality. Also Bradley Russell of Total Film difficult: “For a year full of great fantasies, including Dragon House in Rings of Power “This show ends at the very bottom.”

It often happens that critics scold a new film or series, but the fans are overwhelmed with enthusiasm. For example, sometimes an action movie is wonderful mindless fun, whether the story or the acting is good or not. Unfortunately, even the fans are ruthless when it comes to this. The Witcher: Origin of Blood goes.

The fans bring the bottom

Rotten tomatoes, a website that garners reviews from both critics and the public, the Netflix series has very poor ratings on both counts. After 24 reviews from critics Origin of blood an average score of 38 percent. 1,630 consumer reviews yield an even meager result: 9 percent. In other words: hardly any of the reviewers will miss the show.

Viewer ratings will no doubt be lower due to disagreements with Henry Cavill. It is still not entirely clear why the main character from the usual Witcher series is out and fans are not happy about the news at all.

Also its replacement Thor’s younger brother, which is laughed at, not applauded. Lauren S. Hissrich, in particular, is having a hard time online, with The Witcher showrunner frequently featured on forums as someone who personally controls the show.

Until Next Time, Netflix

But let’s be honest: critics won’t be too bothered by these colored glasses. Their assessment after dozens of reviews is also indicative. Sometimes you just have to admit that the long-awaited series turns out to be lousy. Unfortunately, this also happens. The Witcher: Origin of Blood. Good luck next time, Netflix.

Luckily, we have some alternative Christmas break viewing tips. For example, Amazon Prime Video has one surprise show done for fans squid game and other great movies you can watch on Netflix for the last time this week.

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