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Prime Video seizes the throne of Netflix and becomes the king of streaming services in the US

The Prime Video service has now officially taken over Netflix as the number 1 streaming service in the US after years of invincibility. The Amazon-owned service has overtaken Netflix as the streaming service with the most subscribers in the US, according to Screen Rant.

Both Netflix and Prime Video are known to be the biggest streaming services, each with tens of millions of subscribers nationwide. The number of customers also reaches hundreds of millions when considering customers around the world.

Netflix has been the streaming service with the most subscribers in the US for some time now. That’s because Netflix includes a lot of TV shows and movies, including popular original productions like Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy.

However, in 2022, Prime Video will end Netflix’s dominance as the number one streaming platform in the US.

Data from research firm Parks Associates shows that Prime Video has become the leading streaming service in the United States in 2022. Meanwhile, Parks Associates did not disclose how they determined that Prime Video had overtaken Netflix. They claim that the data reflects the number of subscribers of each streaming service as of September 2022.

Why Prime Video is more popular than Netflix

In fact, Prime Video overtaking Netflix in the US isn’t all that surprising when you consider what Amazon has to offer for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Primarily as an online marketplace, Amazon Prime customers can get better deals as well as shipping options for what they buy on Amazon, in addition to access to Prime Video as an added bonus.

The multi-faceted nature of Amazon Prime suits a wider range of consumers, including those who might see Prime Video as a little bonus that makes them happy with their purchase savings. Because of this, Prime Video has become part of Amazon Prime and has attracted many streaming service subscribers due to the benefits it offers.

It’s not only the digital and physical advantages that Amazon Prime has over Netflix, Prime Video’s collection of original content could also be another big reason for its new top spot.

The streaming service has adapted many popular books for the screen, including The Man in the High Castle, Reacher, and most recently Peripherals. Earlier this year, Prime Video also premiered the first season of The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. The popular series is likely to help increase the amount of subscribers they get in 2022.

Various Prime Video programs based on popular books seem to allow it to shine brighter than Netflix has in the last year.

While Prime Video has overtaken Netflix in the US in terms of subscriber count, that doesn’t negate the amount of popular programming like Stranger Things that Netflix still streams on its platform. However, the recent cancellations of hit series like The Midnight Club and Fate: The Saga of the Winx show that Netflix is ​​still struggling to find its place in the competitive streaming market.

As long as Netflix embraces popular shows like The Sandman and Squid Game, the company still has a shot at being the number one streaming service in the US in 2023.

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