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Mohita Sharma in KBC: becomes the second crorepati of KBC by answering all these questions!

KBC: Mohita Sharma becomes the second crorepati

KBC: Mohita Sharma becomes the second crorepati of KBC by answering all these questions. Amitabh Bachhan welcomed Mohta Sharma on the sets of Kaun Banega Crorepati on November 16.

Mohita Sharma

Mohita Sharma is a native of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. She is an Assistant Superintendent of Police and is posted currently in Jammu and Kashmir. She told on the show that her husband, who is an Indian Forest Service officer, encouraged her to go on the show.

Mohita Sharma in KBC

Mohit Kumar Jaswal from Rajasthan won the fastest finger first but was only able to reach up to the 10th question. After him, Mohita Sharma won the fastest finger first and then went onto the hot seat. She didn’t use any lifeline till the 8th question.

Mohita Sharma questions in KBC

Question: What are the names of the two blocks of the Secretariats Building on either side of the Rajpath in New Delhi known as?
The correct answer was: North and South Blocks

Question: The Baghjan oil field is located in which state?
The correct answer was: Assam

Question: Identify the breed of this animal
The correct answer was: Bulldog

Question: To which of these sports does the term “off” or “offside” not apply?
The correct answer was: Badminton

Question: What word when added to the movie title “Shubh Mangal Saavdhan” gives the title of another Hindi movie?
The correct answer was: Zyada

Question: Which of these rulers’ reign did Amir Khusro not witness during his lifetime?
The correct answer was: Qutb ud-Din Aibak

KBC November 17 episode

After winning 1 crore rupees on the November 16 episode of KBC. On the November 17 episode of KBC Mohita Sharma faced her question for 7 crore rupees. Sadly she was not able to win 7 crore rupees. But she said that she is happy that she got the opportunity of being on the show and she was not there for the money. She was happy that she played a good game.


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