What to watch this weekend – Netflix, HBO MAX, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, cinemas

Guillermo del Toro’s high-profile film hits Netflix this week. Some exciting news can also be seen on HBO MAX as well as Amazon Prime. The road to redemption for his recent antics begins with Will Smith starring in the acclaimed film coming to Apple TV+.

This week we’re looking at Netflix, HBO MAX, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and cinemas.


He will be back on Friday Pinocchio. According to the Internet, this is the 22nd film adaptation of the work of Carlo Collodi, not counting, of course, the TV shows, which this time were staged by Guillermo del Toro together with Mark Gustafsson. Who knows the work of the Mexican, probably expects a much darker version of the famous story, and it really will be. Suffice it to say that the latest animated film takes place in Fascist Italy. Contributors to this project included Ewan McGregor, Tilda Swinton, Christoph Waltz, Cate Blachette, Ron Perlman, Finn Wolfhard, and John Turturro.

This week also has two episode deals worth checking out. The first is the second part of the famous cycle “Paper House – Korea”, a classic attempt to capitalize on the huge popularity of the previous series by connecting it to a country that is still very interesting to the viewer, namely Korea. Recommended mainly to fans of this format. another “Age of Dragons: Absolution” an anime series based on the popularity of the game series that was created in collaboration with Netflix and BioWare and will debut on the site on Friday, just like the previous item listed here.

Among the new Netflix movies are several European offerings. Take a look at the Spanish plot summary “Crooked Lines of God” evokes the idea that perhaps we are a little hasty with the list of films that take place in psychiatric hospitals, although in this case we are not dealing with a horror film, but with a detective. A completely different proposal is a romantic comedy, also filmed in the Iberian Peninsula. “Smiley”. A very typical production for this period is the Italian “I hate Christmas” which competes with Poland “Just before Christmas” and series “How to Ruin Christmas” about which Christmas position the viewers will choose. Because no one can stand more than one…

An interesting proposal could be an Indian film “CAT”, which has little in common with stereotypical productions from this country, because it tells the story of a man who has infiltrated the drug mafia. Among the weekly documentary offerings this time around is nature “Elephants”, also showing India. In turn, the film “In broad daylight: a crime in Narvart” tells the story of the murder of five people in 2015 in Mexico.


There are two exciting new releases on HBO MAX this week. Of course louder “Cyrano” Joe Wright, another film adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s famous play, this time starring Peter Dinklage – best known for playing Tyrion Lanninster – alongside M. Hayley Bennett and Ben Mendelsohn. Definitely an obscure movie “Blessing”, the last film directed by English director Terence Davies. Both productions will go on sale on Sunday.

On Wednesday, the first episode of the third season of the series appeared on the site. “Dark Materials” based on the works of Philip Pullman. You should definitely watch the Italian Dystopia, in which Alessandro Borghi, known from Suburra, played. It is not often that a European fantasy film is attempted, and it has much higher IMDB scores than in Poland. German comedy also gets good ratings. “Contra” as well as French military drama “Goodbye, Mr. Huffmann”. Among slightly older games, it attracts attention “stay” Brand Foster, “Ally” Robert Zemeckis with the duo Brad Pitt – Marion Cotillard, as well as “Star Trek” since 2009.

Amazon Prime

Amazon is betting on a very unusual production this week. “Bad guy” it tells the story of a prosecutor who, after dedicating his life to fighting the mafia, is once convicted of leading a criminal organization. The series is designed in the style of a crime comedy and consists of six episodes. In addition, the French comedy-drama attracts attention. “Hava” the main character of which is a girl living with a seriously ill grandmother.


A strong week on Apple TV+ that started last Friday. It was then that the library got the first episodes of a very good series that I missed last week. “Lame Horses”, telling about a secret cell of the British MI-5, which, using rather specific football terminology, could be called a spy “Coconut Club”. It is led by Jackson Lamb, brilliantly played by the exceptionally tart Gary Oldman. The first series was a successful combination of sensational intrigue with good humor. New episodes will appear every week.

However, the production of the week is here “Release”, which is touted as an attempt to rehabilitate Will Smith after his infamous performance at the recent Oscars. The American star stars in Antoine Fuqua’s film (of “Training Day” fame) about a slave who escapes from a plantation in Louisiana. The plot of the picture was based on real events that should have caused a great discussion in America in the second half of the 19th century about the cruelty of slavery. In addition to Smith, there is a min. Ben Foster and Mustafa Shakir.


The cinema’s offer isn’t very reassuring to get out of the house, which is likely to affect Anna Yadovskaya’s film. “The Woman on the Roof”. It begins with an unusual bank robbery attempt by an elderly woman, played by Dorota Pomykala. However, contrary to the natural thoughts that arise in such cases, suggesting that the creators are moving towards comedy, in fact we are dealing here with a serious psychological drama, the main trump card of which is the excellent and well-deserved role of the above-mentioned actress in Gdynia. .

Something else? French “Beautiful Morning” seduces Lea Seydoux for one of the main roles and high ratings on movie portals. “Christmas Surprise” completely transparent Norwegian family film, while the British “Great Escape” looks like a normal teen movie. Thematically related to the World Cup in Qatar, which is now entering its decisive phase, is the German-Dutch “Suitable for everything”.

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